DRO or no?

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Hi, I’d appreciate any advice. I’m about £20k in debt (council tax (sole as previous) utilities, water, credit cards, catalogues) - all my sole debt, in my name, partner not aware and at risk of losing everything. Currently in breathing space but the council have sent an attachment of earnings dated yesterday. As I said this is nothing to do with my partner, he sends the odd bit of money to me now and again but not to pay my debts. I’ve offered creditors what I can and been refused any payment plans. I was considering a DRO but if they are trawling through my bank statements they are going to hold him liable aren’t they as he’s transferred money but this is my mess to sort out. I just am the end of giving up right now. 


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    So partner lives with you or not?  That will be a crucial thing as creditors may hold him responsible for some of the bills whether they are in his name or not - if he lives with you.  Assuming too that you rent and have no assets worth more than £2k plus a car worth less than £2k.  

    Essentially what you will need to do is put together a comprehensive budget, have proof of all your bills including last 3 months bank statements, and talk to someone who can submit a DRO on your behalf if that is appropriate.  National Debtline, Stepchange, some CABs or foodbanks via a debt adviser can help with this. 

    I suggest as a first step you read about DROs on Debt Camel as it's very comprehensive.
    Guide to Debt Relief Orders (DROs) (debtcamel.co.uk)  
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    If you qualify for a DRO, go for it. It's a clean start.

    If you go through stepchange ( they don't do DROs ) they should refer you to Money Wellness
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