Migrated from SEB to Ovo now my Economy 10 tariff hours seem messed up

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About a week ago I was migrated from SEB to Ovo and it all appeared pretty seamless

Then, when up for a pee in the early hours, I noted the red usage light was showing on my IHD at 3am. This is a time that is off peak, and I never had a red light when with SEB

I made a point of checking this and every day was the same. Supposedly off peak hours are triggering high usage

The IHD has a menu option to display tarriff times and rates, so I wrote down what they were over a 24 hour period. They are completely the reverse of what they should be!

My IHD is telling me that I am getting  14 Off Peak and 10 Peak hours, so in effect I am getting Economy 14. That sounds fab and groovy until you realise it puts it out of sync with the off peak circuits in my flat. Not so bad in summer, but when the storage heaters start being used I am going to suffer!

How do I get this sorted? I never thought it possible, but Ovo customer support is worse than SEBs. Their idea of support is to direct you to a flipping chatbot which asks you some dumb questions then leaves you hanging for a service agent who never arrives. (3 times I tried)

Does anyone have a supersecret phone number that could connect me to someone competent in technical support? Ive been told its probably a question of someone sending a reset command to my smart meter/IHD - I have no idea if this is true.....

Anyway many thanks in desperation


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    Firstly, I'd check to see if your off peak circuits are actually live when the meter says it's off peak. Unless you have an external contactor, the smart meter should control the circuit switching and you could well end up with 14 hours cheap rate :wink:
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    Do you mean migrated from SSE to OVO? By SEB do you mean Scottish Electricity Board?

    As far as I'm aware, OVO do not support Economy 10 and SSE customers on complex metering have not been migrated to OVO yet.
    They say "Does OVO offer an Economy 10 tariff? The short answer is “no, not at the moment”. This info exists here purely because we want our members to feel informed about different energy options."

    I suggest you contact your supplier and ask to speak to someone in the Complex Metering Team. Best wishes.


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    I made a point of checking this and every day was the same. Supposedly off peak hours are triggering high usage
    I might be completely wrong here, but aren't off-peak hours *intended* for high usage?
    I would guess that you heat your water with an immersion heater, and this is controlled by the ALCS circuit in your smart meter. If 3am is an off-peak time, your immersion heater should be operating then.

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