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BEko Dishwasher - tripping mains RCD

We have a Beko built in dishwasher, approx 5 years old.  Goes on ovenight.
Woke up this morning to sockets tripped.  Reset switch.  Dishwasher started but after a few mins electircs tripped again.  Reset and this time didnt start dishwasher. No tripping occured.
Some time later, started dishwasher again and after a few mins tripped again.
There is water in bottom of dishwasher space.  I want to force it to drina to see if it is the drain pump that is the issue however I am can't make the dishwasher forget the program it is on.

I press the power button and it counts down 3...2...1 to 0 and the screen goes blank.  However if I press the prgram select button it jsut comes back on at the same point it was (P4 wiht 2h14 still to go)  How od I forece the machinr to enitrely forget what it was doing and start afresh.

Tried pressing the button for at least 10 secs and still remembers program


  • grumbler
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    Most likely, it's the heating element, not the pump. Instead of pressing buttons try to switch it off and on with the mains switch on the wall. If there is no switch, the plug and the socket have to be accessible.
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    Another vote for the element gone.
  • FreeBear
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    There is also an interference suppressor connected between Live Neutral, and Earth on many washing machines. Sometimes these develop a fault to earth and would cause the RCD to trip.
    If you don't know what you are doing when it comes to electrics, call a WM repair main in - Check the price first though, as it may be more cost effective to just buy a new machine.
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  • doningtonphil
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    Thanks for your replies.  Was looking at the fixed fee repairs at prices of £160 to £190 versus new machine at minimum £270.  Already had to replace the catch a couple of times, and we have had the machine for about 5 years.
    What sort of price is reasonabel for ane element replacement?
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