Advice on separation

Hi all, lookin for advice really. 

Boyfriend and I been together over 20 years and have one son aged 21. Live in a house that we bought together however things haven’t been great for a while. Have decided to separate and it’s amicable. As we bought the house together we are both on the deeds to the house and will have a 50/50 split but I wondered if anyone could advise how the furnishing inside would be split. Most of the items he bought as I wasn’t working as I was bring up our son so his money paid for the mortgage and large purchases. Does that mean there automatically now his to take with him. 


  • tightauldgit
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    I'd just try to agree a sensible split. I think morally it would seem sensible to just split it 50/50 after such a long relationship but it's not worth causing too much fuss over and unless its valuable antique furniture you certainly don't want to be going to court over second hand furniture.

  • kaMelo
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    I agree, as you've been together so long then splitting your possessions equally is fair although there will have to be some degree of sensible negotiation, "I'll take the bed and you have the sofa and chairs" sort of negotiation. Keeping things amicable will make it a whole lot easier.
    Whoever physically paid for something is irrelevant,  contribution to the household is not only measured in pounds and pence. He may have been the one working and bringing in an income but that was only possible because you were looking after your child.

    Sorry to hear things haven't worked out.
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    Thank you. I’m sure it will be sorted and we are looking to split making it as easy as possible and on good terms due to our son. 
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    When I did this, we listed everything with an approximate value and then negociated who got what.  My ex partner stayed in the house so it was sensible for her to keep the fridge, TV etc. I therefore took the more valuable car etc. etc.
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    On a strict legal interpretation they would belong to the person who paid for them unless they were gifts or there had been a specific agreement otherwise.

    Practically, second hand value is likely to be minimal and it's likely to be sensible to split them. A fair way might be to each list what you want and then for anything that appears on both lists, take it in turn to to chose 
    All posts are my personal opinion, not formal advice Always get proper, professional advice (particularly about anything legal!)
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