eon Next on Economy 7 rate in error

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When Symbio Energy went bust, I was moved to eon Next Flex.

Although I have a dual rate meter, nothing is connected to the night rate system.

Symbio and previuosly Outfox the Market, just charged me the same day rate for night and day electricity usage, but the night rate reading hasn't changed in 6 years, as I've used no power on that part of the meter.

Recently noticed that eon are charging me more for day usage than if i were on a single tariff.

They are also charging less for night rate, but I don't use any.

Has anybody else had this issue?

If so, have you had it resolved, moved to a single rate tariff and a refund issued?




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    Welcome to the forum!
    A conventional E7 metering system will record all night-time usage on the off-peak register. If yours has genuinely not moved in six years you either have an unusual metering system or the meter is stuck.
    Can you post a photo of your electricity meter and any associated gubbins?
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    Ofgem cap table, Ofgem cap explainer. Economy 7 cap explainer. Gas vs E7 vs peak elec heating costs.
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    From several posts here - at least some if not all suppliers seem to use the meter type on the national meter database to configure initial tariffs.
    Octopus switchers have for instance been known to revert to E7 for those with E7 meters who moved who were being billed single rate at old suppliers, but a quick call after swap resolved this - and got customer back on SR.

    So I am not that surprised that you may well have been reverted to E7.

    You don't actually move under SoLR with your existing tariff or plan - but with as Ofgem term it a deemed tariff - the suppliers default flexible tariff. 

    Which exists for both single rate and E7 electric metering with EOn and others - and both are covered by separate Ofgem caps.
    The EOn day rates are much more than single rate - around 9p now on a couple I just scanned.
    SR - regionally
    E7 - regionally

    How long have you been with EOn Next ?

    Disappointed that you hadn't spotted - and a little surprised if that was not made clear to you when initially contacted by EOn Next OR by their subsequent bills / statements. 
    What have your tariff names been throughout with EOn ?
    Do the bills have seperate peak and off-peak rates in the tariff summary - and billing in the energy used sections etc ?

    Existing Metering
    It may just be the description or the zero register for night - but doesn't sound normal E7.
    Possibly some other suppliers legacy system - say something like SP Whitemeter etc.
    There are even some single legacy 3 rate meters with ALCS out there.
    I don't pretend to be an expert or involved in the field - I am just a keen reader on this forum and others.

    A meter make /  model number - and a photo (redact any serial numbers but not not model ID ) might be useful.

    This does not sound like a typical modern E7 meter - but some legacy system - that somehow forces two single rate meters into one box.  Your reference to "night" "part of meter" - again needs further explanation.

    Although it is possible that if a smart meter - it has been programmed to only use one active register - but you don't use the term Smart - which I suspect most would have.

    Normally these days E7 meters - and certainly smart meters - count all units used - on both connections if has them (some do not(*)) just according to programmed time periods.

    (*)That hasn't really got anything to do with circuits or not - E7 tariff can quite happily apply to a 4 port meter - it's not in any way reliant on ALCS load switching (think old only live for 7 hours NSH and HW immersion circuit meter based switching) - a common misconception.

    For instance I used to have separate output based billing when on old EMEB RTS heatwise dual meter set-up, but lost that when went digital E10 initially and then E10 smart.  The off peak rates on E10 have always applied to the whole house.


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