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Woodworm Problem?

I've just bought my first home and upon receiving the keys, I noticed some wooden dust by one of my back doors and cleaned it up. A week later when I'm moving in, its reappeared. I'm wondering if I have woodworm issue. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


  • grumbler
    grumbler Forumite Posts: 57,764
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    Woodworm where? In the parquet flooring? Certainly not.
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  • theoretica
    theoretica Forumite Posts: 12,063
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    Looks like you have something - but not woodworm.  I would almost guess ants but would expect you to have seen some.
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  • ThisIsWeird
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    Are you sure it's wood dust? Could it be normal dust and silt being blown in a door gap via a failing draught excluder strip?
  • FreeBear
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    woodworm frass is extremely fine dust. You have something that appears to be much coarser. In addition, woodworm only really munches on damp wood. If it is bone dry (less than 20% moisture content), the little darlings will have difficulty chewing up the timber. Another clue is the presence of small holes (typically, 2mm in diameter).
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  • XzavierWalnut
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    Does not look like woodworm. Looks a bit like dust blowing up from under the boards.
  • badger09
    badger09 Forumite Posts: 10,944
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    That doesn’t look like our woodworm frass, which was much paler, finer & in tiny mounds. 
    It looks more like ants excavating around the door seals & patio. Or just dust blowing in through gaps at the bottom of the doors. 
  • breaking_free
    breaking_free Forumite Posts: 726
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    I third the suggestion of flying ants. My partner's house is brick and every year the little buggers nest themselves inside gaps in the pointing. The result is "dust" exactly like yours on the inside of the skirting boards where they're excavating to enlarge their home. Each year I nag him about his and each year he ignores me because "It only lasts a few weeks". Well when his bricks fall out I shall refrain from saying "I told you so"!
    Anyway, the date when you posted this (July) is bang on the money for peak flying ant activity. If you haven't seen any more "dust" since you posted, that's probably what it was.
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