Cruise……I thought it was going to be easy 😞

Hi , feeling pretty helpless at the moment would appreciate some advice please. 

Have an up and coming cruise booked through a travel agent with a so called reputable cruise company.  Cruise company has already delayed leaving port time which has affected the amount of time spent on shore during excursions , we accepted this because stuff happens ……however we have now been informed that departure flight has been cancelled. 

 Flight will now depart the day before original scheduled flight , we have commitments that would incur a loss of earnings so are very reluctant to accept this change, the cruise company has confirmed there is a flight leaving on the original day of departure at an additional cost of £1,000 (for 2 people) to us ….I think this is unreasonable as we have paid for the original flights as part of the package.

As the flight the Cruise company has offered is the day before sailing they have offered overnight accommodation but will not confirm where this accommodation will be , they have stated they will not pay for transfers from airport to accommodation or from accommodation to port, besides not knowing where will be staying depending on where the accommodation is located there could be a significant cost in transfers to us which were originally included in the holiday package. 

The cruise company has allegedly told the travel agent that we should prioritise the holiday over loss of earnings , that we should pay the extra £1,000 if we cannot fly the day before , the travel agent has confirmed  there is a flight available leaving the original day of travel , nearly exact times however the cruise company state they have no access to this flight and if we cancel our holiday we would loose the cost of the cruise.  

This was not an inexpensive holiday , there are limited options available to us and possibility significant additional costs which we could incur, the holiday is nearly here , was booked well in advance and all paid for , I feel totally helpless and to be honest a bit bullied due to a situation out of my control and a totally unhelpful cruise company.  

Would anybody know what my rights are please ? 


  • Westin
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    Was the cruise booked as a cruise+fly package or have the flights been booked separately?

    It might be easier for people to offer up suggestions and options if you gave more information.  Cruise line? Which is the end port of disembarkation, which airport are you due to fly back from, which flight was cancelled and what flight has been offered?
  • Hi , cruise and fly package , flying from uk to Italy , uk to Italy flight to embark was cancelled , offered flight leaving uk for Italy the day before original flight date , as far as aware flight from Italy to uk is still ok 
  • smyluk
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    I think this entirely depends whether it was booked as a continuous fly + cruise package. If it was a package then I think you will have grounds for a complaint against the entire trip.

    If they were booked separately, you're either going to need to suck it up or look into your travel insurance options.
  • sheramber
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    Was it definitely booked as a  package as some online agents book flights separate although advertise it including the flights?
  • Westin
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    I feel this is slightly like pulling teeth.

    Which airport in the UK and to which airport in Italy.  Multiple options available. Do you know why the original flight on the still unnamed airline was cancelled? 

    Can you not just take the day earlier flight (between unnamed UK airport and unnamed Italian airport)?

    If a complete fly+cruise package sold by the cruise line or cruise specialist then you should be able to cancel with a full refund if the date of departure has changed.  Do you have an ATOL certificate?  If so does that indicate if a package?
  • Yes definitely booked as a package , we have an ATOL certificate and I’ve checked booked as a fly and cruise package ,  I have not been informed by the cruise line why the original flight was cancelled as I have mentioned they have been less than helpful , we have commitments on the day of earlier flight that would involve loss of earnings,  sorry Westin if you feel it’s like pulling teeth not the comment I expected to be honest but the advice I have received is very much appreciated, negotiations are ongoing , thanks folks  :)
  • NoodleDoodleMan
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    Is there a compelling reason why you can't identify specifics such as the travel agent, and/or the airline, and/or the cruise line ?
    I think that's Westin is alluding to.

  • tightauldgit
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    Might be worth considering what outcome you want from this as I believe the most anyone would be required to offer you is to cancel for a full refund which would mean no holiday. Would that outcome be preferable to accepting the changes? 

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