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Hi i am on a pre pay meter with Utilita. I live in a 1 bed small apartment. I am using £50 per month electric i was only using £30 up until 6 weeks ago but it seems to be using more. I have £96 credit. Utilitia said when i top up again it will use less as the new tariff kicked in in the 1st of July or whenever it was. It says 63p for the first 2kw of they day then 30p per kw after that is that correct? normal?


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    Seems normal for Utilita - it's the fudge they do so they can claim that there's no standing charge.
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    Sounds like your on their no standing charge tariff.

    And so looks normal.

    The July SVT rates from Ofgem on electric for prepay are as usual very regional.

    DD unit rates fell about 10% for electric in July - prepay  maybe a bit more - as gov say pp needs no epg on electric to match dd at tdcv ?.

    Full tables here


    Taking the regional average

    Sc 55.3 + vat = 58p
    Unit 27.67 + vat = 29.05p

    A normal supplier on those ave for 1st 2 kWh charges 1xSC + 2 units

    58p + 2x 29p = £1.16,then 29p each additional unit

    NWales and Mersey - most expensive SC,   more like

    67p + 2x 30 = £1.27, then 30p

    Not sure Utilita have to comply with Ofgem cap at all, as its a non standard tariff format.

    Utilita charging you

    2x63 = £1.26, then 30p

    So towards top end of Ofgem regional.

    And arguably 2x33p ( 63-30 ) = 66p their equiv to standing charge.

    In other words they may be roughly the same depending on your region.

    But perhaps understanably there may be a bit of margin in Utilita rates to cover for those who don't actually use 2kWh daily.

    As still have to pay grid operators regardless of users consumption  the Ofgem standing charges.

    Utilita probably a better bet for duel fuel.  It's easy to use very little gas over summer, possibly even zero unless gas appliances have permanent pilot lights.

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    Thank you very much! some very clever people on here thank you 
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