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I have received a letter from 'Financial Claims Office' which appears to be 'a trading style of Drummonds Ltd....Regulated in respect of claims management activities' (from the small print at the bottom of the letter)
They have the details of my Northern Rock mortgage, which was transferred to Virgin Money when NR went bust, and has been paid off several years ago.  
The letter suggests that this may have made me a mortgage prisoner, and invites me to call them so that they can check the details and see if I am eligible for compensation.
Is this legit? Is it worth calling them? Should I be wary of giving them information?


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    Being a 'mortgage prisoner' does not automatically make you eligible for compensation.
    If you talk to them do not agree to pay anything, or buy insurance or agree to anything that makes you liable for a share of the costs of any action they may be contemplating.
    I have no knowledge of this particular company beyond what can be seen in their accounts at Companies House, but we do see reports on here from time to time of people in a similar position to yourself being encouraged to make payments to 'legal representatives' to progress their 'claim' only for the legal entity to close down with no progress and no refund...
    Unless you have a good reason to believe there are grounds for compensation it is probably better to wait for announcements that are specific to Virgin Money rather than vague generalities.

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    I took a phone call Friday they are calling back today from FCO trading as Drummonds informing me as a northern rock/landmark mortgage prisoner, it would seem I was entitled to claims compensation for high interest charged. They informed me their fee was 35% of amount won.
    They were right I had been a mortgage prisoner, unable to get out of it due to husband's ill health and consequent death in 2011. I'm lucky (ish) because due to an inheritance I was able to pay it off last year, but yes it does annoy me the amount of money paid over all those years at elevate rates.
    Anyway Drummonds referred to a company called Harcus Parker, told me to look them up etc as they were also taking on cases. This Drummonds company knew all my details and I felt reassured when talking to the gentleman. He sent me a link to fill in a claim process, I have not done this and on reflection don't intend to do so. His colleague is ringing me back today to go through the form rather than the link as I said my phone was old and would not do this. Over the weekend I have tried searching for Drummonds...not much info out there but there is for Harcus Parker. The telephone number the gentleman called me on matches that of the phone number listed for Drummonds. However, when this phone call comes I have decided to dig further on who supplied them with my details. Usually I am very clued up with scam practices but this took me off guard and I am concerned more people may be taken down a route that could potentially be dangerous. Hoping I have done the right thing??
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    This is old school scamming. Stay away from them.

    Consider getting a call blocker if you're susceptible to this sort of thing, especially as you've already engaged with them.
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    Personally, having looked at the Companies House filings for both Drummonds and Harcus Parker, I would not engage with either of them, but you can form your own opinion based on the facts freely available there.

    Also take a look at their Trustpilot reviews...
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