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Concerns about my current property management company.

ronctlsmile Forumite Posts: 66
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I own a two-bedroom flat 100% located in a share ownership block in London. My block, along with three others (one being a council estate and the other two privately owned), is part of the same estate, managed by a property management company. Each year, we receive an audited financial report detailing the charges for each block and the total estate expenses. The cost of the estate is divided among flat owners based on the size of their flats.

However, I am facing several issues:

1.) The management company recently refused to provide me with the balancing charges and apportionment schedule of other blocks and flats in my block, citing the data protection act. They claim they cannot share this information due to changes in GDPR rules and data protection. I requested this information to ensure I am not being charged more than other flats of the same size. Is it true that they have the right to withhold this information, or is there a way for me to access it while respecting data protection regulations?

2.) The management company is being uncooperative in providing a clear formula to calculate my service charges. I have repeatedly asked for a transparent calculation, such as the formula used to determine the shared estate cost based on the size of my flat. Their responses have been slow and inadequate. How should I proceed in this situation?

3.) While everyone receives an audited financial report annually, it does provide a brief breakdown of expenditures for each block and the shared common estate. For instance, my block's expenditures include an item cost labelled "internal repairs and maintenance," but it lacks detailed information. Checking their invoices related to this item is practically impossible due to the sheer number of them. How can I ensure that I am being charged on a fair basis if the details are not readily accessible?

I appreciate any advice you can offer in resolving these issues and ensuring fair and transparent management of our property.


  • CSI_Yorkshire
    CSI_Yorkshire Forumite Posts: 1,792
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    I'm not sure you have any right to know what other people are charged - but I'm no expert in property management companies.
  • bouicca21
    bouicca21 Forumite Posts: 6,388
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    Isn’t the way costs are apportioned to your flat specified in the lease?
  • subjecttocontract
    subjecttocontract Forumite Posts: 1,264
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    edited 24 July at 10:01AM
    I believe the law provides a right for you to view the detailed breakdown of costs/accounts by appointment at their head office. If they have issued audited accounts they have complied with their obligations.
  • NameUnavailable
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    Data protection relates to personal information.

    However, I don't think they are required to provide you with any information relating to another block of flats. You can request to inspect invoices etc. relating to your block.

    What exactly are you concerned about and why?
  • danco
    danco Forumite Posts: 115
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    In what way is it based on the size? In my block of flats the charge is a percentage of the total, with that percentage being the proportion the floor area of my flat is to the total floor area. And I have been informed of the total floor area and the floor area of my flat. This seems fair. But I would not expect to be told the floor area of any individual flat except mine.
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