How much have you spent today? 16/06/05



  • Squiffy
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    Thats a shame Ms London. Still at least you tried, and it is all good interview experience.

    My spending today?

    £133 on a hotel. Luckily I can claim that back on expenses. And I did have a nice evening meal last night and full cooked breakfast today paid for.

    £2.00 on lunch.

    £2.40 on parking as I couldn't get into any of the free spaces out of town. (I arrived here midday after travelling back from my business trip - I need to get here before 7.30am to stand a chance of getting one of the free spaces).

    But the good news? I get travelling expenses of 40p per mile, giving me £148 for my round trip! And the actual fuel cost was probably only £30. :beer:
  • lou_martin
    lou_martin Posts: 28 Forumite
    Hi all

    Sorry 'bout the job ms_london, i had the same experience the other week. I was sure I'd done really well too so that made it all the worse. Just think that there must be something out there much better waiting for you instead!

    I've spent nothing so far today, bought my lunch in as usual. But tonight i will be usuing all my willpower as going to Bluewater to take a couple of tops back so just hope i can steer clear of buying anything else! Then will be using a BOGOF voucher in TGI Fridays so that shouldn't work out too bad.

    Hope you all have a great evening! :beer:

    lou_martin :rotfl:

    Debt-free date Sept 2008
  • pink_fairy_7
    pink_fairy_7 Posts: 426 Forumite
    Sorry to hear that ms_london :grouphug:

    Something else will come along. xx

    Keep on inspiring us all with the DFD :T

    Pink fairy xx
  • Eliza252
    Eliza252 Posts: 449 Forumite
    Hi Ms London,
    Really really sorry about job - sympathise as I am job hunting at the moment as well - You got turned down on the basis of conveniance rather than skills/experience though so dont take it to hard, i'm sure something similar wil come along soon and you have had the chance to practice your interview tac - go out this eve and have some therapeutic drinks, you deserve it!

    Today: I have spent £2.52 on posting my ebay item, but technically that doesnt count as I stilll made £6 profit on the item.
    35p on a choc bar (oops!)
    A bottle of wine from M& S (havent bought it yet but it will be cheap!)
    A fiver to get to my friends house for dinner - which is a cheap night out, but still annoying cus it would have been less if it wasnt for my stupid oyster card which has broken (through no fault of my own as far as I can tell) and they gave me the replacement form to fill in (its two pages long!) - and they didnt tell me i would need a photocard or proof of address to get a new one - how ridiculous! I am going to bill them for the money I will lose as a result of having to pay non-oyster card prices - grrr...
    I've made my debts bite-size too depressing to look at all at once so am handling them one at a time - first up Graduate Loan £1720 paid off! only £280 to go!!!
    Money to raise for tuition fees: £3000
    When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!
  • chloejane_2
    chloejane_2 Posts: 257 Forumite
    well i went to the shops and spent £5 on scratch cards, just could not help myself but it was all good as i did get £12 back so i made £7, ive not been out for the rest of the day so ive made £7.
    Sorry you didnt get the job ms london there will be somthing better waiting for you:)
  • newfunk
    newfunk Posts: 2,415 Forumite
    About to go do the weekly shop in tesco..My fiance got Nicky Clarke shampoo reduced from £4.69 to 10p!! Bargain...
    In this trusted place U can erase
    Every tear that ever rolled down your weary face
    All the time U waste in that paper chase
    Is time better spent in these arms of mine
  • Moorepart
    Moorepart Posts: 181 Forumite
    Well I just bought my self a 2 bed flat got the keys this morning tenents moving in 2morro.

  • debtbuster2K5
    debtbuster2K5 Posts: 1,515 Forumite

    Sorry to hear you didnt get the job. Keep your chin up though, and keep looking..

    Well, this is the 1st chance I have had to update you all..

    Today, Spent 1.70 for lunch, and that was it :j

    Really have done well this week, however I am away for the weekend, so no access to the pc and I think it could be a bit expensive. Lads weekend away

    Have a good weekend all, and will catch up next week.

    Keep Smiling :D
    24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case ... coincidence? :beer:
  • mummytofour
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    Karma67 wrote:
    Sorry about not getting the job ms-london :grouphug: Hope something comes up for you soon :D's spend....Tesco's weekly shop for family of more nappies....(bought value ones on Tues, leak everywhere!! :mad:)...£30.61

    Then went into shopping ceneer to be a 'mystery shopper'...had to view shop buy something... then return it a bit later, aswell as have a hot meal....Meal cost £6.29....29p over allocated amount but at same time have earned £20 ontop! :j Parking a whopping £1.20 :mad:

    So in a way ...have only spent ....£5.10 for weekly shop :beer:

    I use cloth nappies, so much cheaper/better than value ones. :D
    Debt free and plan on staying that way!!!!
  • Willsnarf1983
    Willsnarf1983 Posts: 1,928 Forumite
    £7.90 for me

    £2.15 on work drinks and a bag of crisps
    £1.75 on a pint of beer
    £2 on a sposnsered walk and
    £2 on misc


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