Vanquis help please.

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Good Evening, 

I'm a bit stumped so hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

Vanquis upped my credit so I thought it would be a good opportunity to clear some small little debts.

One transaction of £100 went through fine, I confirmed through the vanquis app and it said 'success' and said I could log out. All great. It was paid.

I then went onto the bit to clear another small debt (payment plan for a catalogue interest free thing if I pay in 3 months for £214) I put it through again, confirmed through the vanquis app, put the passcode in correctly and it said 'Success' But when the screen changed on the website I was paying through it said there was a problem and the transaction didn't go through.

I thought it was a glitch or it wasn't happy i tried to use the card twice so close together so the next day I tried to use it on the ikea website. When prompted, I put the passcode in correctly again using the vanquis app, again it said 'Success' but when the page on the website refreshed it said there was a problem. I do use the card quite a bit so it's not a new card or little used. AND I have previously used the card multiple times on these websites.

I have a hearing impairment and hate using the phone understandably, so I spent the best part of two days trying to sort it out over facebook messenger and I got nowhere with these people, I uninstalled then reinstalled the app, cleared the cache etc and it made no difference. After my last facebook message asking them if there was a problem their end because they were saying there was nothing wrong with my card, I got a text saying I had to speak to them about some recent account activity. So I had to use Relay UK to speak to Vanquis. I typed what I wanted to say the person on the other end of the phone, I explained the situation and what had happened. I confirmed my details and they started telling me my balance and when my next payment was due then tried to end the call! I was !!!!!!? It's bad enough I can't hear them properly to talk to them which is so frustrating anyway and I can read what the Relay UK person is typing that Vanquis are saying and the Relay UK person is trying to help as well explaining to Vanquis what I want. We finally got somewhere, after I told them YET AGAIN Yes, they were my transactions, the passcode was put in correctly, the app said 'success' and THEN they actually said that the transactions didn't go through because the card was blocked because it detected fraudulent activity, so I said when? Because I put the passcode in correctly and it confirmed through the app. 

So the person says they will not be unblocking my card because I can't understand why it was blocked in the first place, so I typed 'Yes because I put the passcode in correctly, I confirmed all the transactions were mine, I gave you dates, times and amounts' and the person from vanquis said I had to wait over 72 hours (working hours I presume so it could be any time next week) for someone else to ring me because I didn't understand why the card was blocked (implying I was some sort of idiot) but they weren't going to unblock it. So I said thanks bye and left it because there really wasn't any point continuing. 

I'm totally miffed and am getting a bit wound up, obviously they aren't open until Monday, and I might not even get a phone call any time soon. It's Saturday night and I'm stewing. 

Is there anyone here that can explain this to me please because I don't understand what the problem is.



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    Your card has been blocked. There are many reasons why this may happen, so no point in us speculating.

    When they phone, they should be able to explain why and what your options are. It's very likely something that will be easily resolved.

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    When my Zopa Credit Card gets blocked (quite regularly) the 'customer services' team can't see it or deal with it, so I generally have to wait until I get a text message from the 'specialist team' as they put it, asking me if I made a series of transactions to which I reply YES. After this, within 24 hours my card gets unblocked.

    Surprised Vanquis don't operate in this way....
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