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Euro Car Parks Ltd - how low can they go…

Just arrived back from a week away to find two letters have arrived in the same week - one a Debt Collection notice (ZZPS) and one a Notice of Transfer to Solicitors (GCTT) advising me that I owe £170.  I also received a text today with a link in it (so I assumed it was spam) from QDR Solicitors Ltd.

The date of the offence was 28 December 2019 and this is the first contact I have had from this shower since that day - truly not one letter has arrived at my address although this week they seem to have no end of ways to contact me.

On the 28th December 2019  I was having my first hair colour since growing hair again after chemo - I remember the day clearly and have literally never parked in their car park since as I now use NCP due to being able to add time on through their app.

It is a fully automated car park - two machines, one of which was broken.  When I returned I spent a frustrating few minutes trying to work out how to add time on and not just get another ticket from the time I had arrived back.  An employee of the firm was there trying to fix the broken machine and advised it wasn’t possible to pay for the overrun but actually not everyone received a ticket so I should just go and wait and see what happens.  Buying a new ticket would not help me.

Naturally after a while - and certainly 3 years and 7 months on - I assumed I was one of the lucky ones.  Until today.  I have not moved in the interim.  I have been here all the time - and having seen my son fall foul of Parking Eye in 2020 would not have been ignoring any letters had they arrived.

What do I do?  Should I use Plan B letter and send it to the ZZPS people?  Is there a letter to send to the two different firms of supposed Solicitors?


I cannot believe they have left it this long and now started sending out dodgy letters pretending they have gone through their usual stages - which clearly they haven’t as even their slimy processes would have taken less than 3 years and 7 months.



  • B789
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    They can chase you forever if they want. They can only start a court claim within 6 years of the PCN.

    What you have received is just debt collector rubbish. ZZPS and GCTT are the same company of scum debt collectors. They have no power to do anything except intimidate gullible victims into paying into the scam. They use threatening language and throw in terms like "CCJ" and "bailiffs" in the hope that their gullible victims will poop their pants and pay up.

    The debt collectors operate on a no-win, no-fee basis for the UPPC and add on fake debt collection charges. If the victim is not gullible, especially if they've come here for advice, then they eventually give up and leave it to the UPPC to decide whether to make a court claim or to throw in the towel and find someone more gullible than you.

    It's too late for Plan B or Plan C. You can still try Plan A and also complain to your MP. Luckily for you, ECP isn't litigious and so Plan D is not likely to ever see the light of day. You just need to weather the storm of useless debt-collector threat-o-grams.

    In the very unlikely event that you receive an LoC, a real one, not one of the fake ones or an actual court claim, then come back here for advice after reading the second post in the Newbies/FAQ thread.
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    You need to ask yourself why you didn't receive any earlier letters.

    The usual answer is that the Registered Keeper's address in the vehicle's Registration Document(V5c) hasn't been updated following a change of address. I know you said you haven't moved since the alleged parking event, but what about before? Did you perhaps move and overlook that requirement?

    Please check your V5c.

    The good news is that it's very easy to make that change online at the DVLA website.
  • Coupon-mad
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    And even better news is that you can ignore ECP, ZZPS and GCTT.

    What do I do?  Should I use Plan B letter and send it to the ZZPS people?  Is there a letter to send to the two different firms of supposed Solicitors?
    No.  Do nothing unless QDR issue a claim, which is almost unheard of from ECP.  

    Ignore the DRA demands entirely. Exact same advice as on loads of threads at this 'nothing' stage, e.g.

    Read that reply as if I'd typed it for you.  We assume you are not in Scotland.

    But please come back to join us and do the PUBLIC CONSULTATION in August.

    Join us all here then, to respond to the Public Consultation in August, to minimise the level of parking charges and INSIST ON A BAN OF FALSE ADDED 'FEES'.

    We need you - as a genuine PPC victim of aggression, sharp practice and an 'extortion' attempt to add £70 - to respond robustly to the Public Consultation on the level of parking charges and banning of the false added DRA 'fee' that too many honest motorists currently fall victim to.

    It will need consumer input (powerful voices) but change is afoot. It's taken about 5 years to get to this stage:

    And then the industry threw victims' money at it and blocked and delayed it - explained here:

    Please now Bookmark BOTH threads and set up email alerts on your posting profile, so that you get an email alert when we post there, as we will, once the Public Consultation opens.

    ...anticipated very soon...end of July we think.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
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    @Keith P - the car has been registered at my address since well before the incident.  I have had it since November 2019
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    @Keith P - the car has been registered at my address since well before the incident.  I have had it since November 2019
    Please humour us and check the details on your V5C. You might be surprised how often someone says it's correct until they dig it out and actually look.
    You might also be surprised how many people update the address on their driving licence but forget to update their V5C as well.
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