Fabb Furniture Nightmare

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Please can I ask for your help please 😢 
Purchased a corner sofa from Fabb furniture..nightmare. The sales guy showed me and husband what the sofa would look like on ipad as the sofa on display was the wrong side.  Order was placed and on invoice stated Left hand so I initialled what the sales guy said too. Had delivery totally the wrong side delivered...the picture on the ipad was a right handed sofa!!!! Aaarrrrrhhh...Fabb customer team are so bad...said its my fault so deal with it! I'm stuck as I don't know what to do...can anyone give me some advice please? Where do I stand? What do I do? 😢😢😢😢😢


  • Aylesbury_Duck
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    edited 12 July at 7:34AM
    Just so I've read this correctly:

    Sofa on display was right handed, you need a left handed one
    You were shown an image of another right handed sofa
    You ordered and have an invoice for a left handed sofa
    They've delivered a right handed sofa

    If that's all correct, then surely you reject it and ask for the left handed one as shown on the invoice?  They haven't supplied what you ordered, it's as simple as that.  The mistake of the iPad image is moot.

  • elsien
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    I read it that they wanted a right handed sofa, looked at the right handed one online and said, yes it’s that. 
    Store then ordered left handed one. They agreed because they didn’t realise the iPad picture was the other way round. 
    So they received what they ordered, but what they ordered isn’t what they wanted. 
    The OP probably needs to clarify.
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  • Aylesbury_Duck
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    Agreed.  The reason I thought as I did was that OP stated that the invoice stated left hand, and that they signed the invoice accordingly.  
  • tightauldgit
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    I don't think a customer can be expected to know what the specifics of 'left hand' and 'right hand' mean for a sofa supplier. If you were shown a photo of a sofa and say 'that one' and they say 'that's a left handed one, sign here' and you get a left-handed one but it's not what the photo showed then the supplier is in the wrong. 

    The mistake here is with the sales person - not you. The photo on the iPad forms part of your contract with the supplier so it seems they've breached that by sending you something different. 

    The only challenge you might face is being able to demonstrate what you were shown in the store if you don't have any record of it. But I guess you can at least show that the one on display wasn't what you wanted and you ordered one that 'wasn't that one'

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