Gas leak in property - will it have affected my bill and should I request a rebate?

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Had a Cadent engineer out yesterday to a leak in my property. Apparently, it has probably been going on for quite some time. He tried his best to fix the leak but when it became clear that he couldn't, he fit a new meter. 
In retrospect, I realise this leak has been going on for quite a while. as I've often had the odour of what I thought might be gas when taking a reading, or when close to it for some reason. As odd as this may sound, it was like that for so long, I just presumed it was normal. Having no experience of other gas meters. I often asked visitors if they could smell gas and they always said no. This made me think it was a problem with my olfactory system. The issue was complicated by the fact that my neighbour is a big fan of smoking 'substances' and the smell of these frequently drift into my property, and the front door is right next to the gas meter cupboard. Even the Cadent engineer said he couldn't smell gas! It was his equipment that detected it. 

I also have a gas safety check every year. The last one was six weeks ago. The engineer passed everything. Including something called a 'tightness' test that the Cadent engineer said it definitely shouldn't have passed. He showed me parts of the meter that were broken and worn through - there's no way this has happened in the last six weeks! 

To my point: my gas bills have been high, not massively so, but certainly higher than I think is expected for my usage. Is it worthwhile getting in touch with my supplier (British Gas) and explaining about the gas leak and requesting a (small) refund/rebate? I can see the problem here; they don't know how long the leak has been going on for, etc. 

Is it worth it?


  • Neil_Jones
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    If the leak was on "your" side of the meter, maybe it affected your bills.
    If it was on "their" side, then no it won't affect your meter so it won't affect your bills.

    However "your" side of the meter the pipes are your responsibility (if you own the property, or the landlord if you rent it) so supplier not liable.
    If the leak is at the meter itself that's supplier responsibility.
  • ChrisJJ
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    Thank you for your reply. I was presuming it was on my side. Guess it's best if I just leave it and be thankful it's fixed!
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