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Move everything to Virgin?

fcjf Posts: 82 Forumite
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Hi, I am just out of contract with BT for Broadband and Sky for TV and looking for some advice on best options out there to either renew or replace these providers. BT is Fibre 2 which I can renew for £36pm. Sky Q package is pretty much everything inc Cinema, Sports, HD, etc which I can renew for £101 (before the cancel / haggle stage). With often 3 devices streaming TV simultaneously we sometime have connectivity issues so I am considering a Virgin Fibre 250 Volt deal which I can get for £29 which will sort Broadband. We don’t have any other FTTP options in our area so Virgin seems like the best option?

The TV is a different matter and I’m not sure if we can move away from Sky as we have 4 Sky Q mini boxes and like the ability to watch programmes in different rooms so if we move away from Sky Q I am not sure how this could be achieved. Some services like Netflix could be streamed on different TV’s but not the Sky programmes like Cinema, Sports etc. We have never had Virgin before but is Virgin TV worth considering? I have considered cancelling everything on Sky for all but the essentials for which we will need to use Sky Q for and use Virgin for everything else but not having had Virgin before I’m a bit nervous about this and fear it’ll not cut costs as much as we'd like. Any advice?


  • Neil_Jones
    Neil_Jones Posts: 9,040 Forumite
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    Need to work out what channels you're watching on Sky, because if you're not watching the movies and not watching sport, its pointless paying for them for a start...
  • born_again
    born_again Posts: 15,403 Forumite
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    Virgin offer extra boxes.
    Why not go to virgin site & cost out a package.

    We have Virgin for TV & BB

    Ultimate Volt Bundle £85 (for 198 months) + 1 extra box.
    Only we have M600 BB, as that is a hang over from previous contract & is fast enough for us. Previous contract £80. Which we renewed in May, with5  no problem for £5 a month more, rather than the £157 for being out of contract.
    Free Netflix as well.

    Life in the slow lane
  • fcjf
    fcjf Posts: 82 Forumite
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    Thanks, are the extra boxes hard wired or over WiFi?
    Also looking at Sky Stream as an option
  • ladruid
    ladruid Posts: 123 Forumite
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    fcjf said:
    Thanks, are the extra boxes hard wired or over WiFi?
    I am on Ultimate Volt and both by boxes have Virgin cables to them. They do need WiFi for some services though, apps, etc.
  • Bigphil1474
    Bigphil1474 Posts: 2,646 Forumite
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    VM Volt package is pretty good. You do need to take an O2 sim card though - handy if you need one, not so much otherwise. Either way, shouldn't cost more than £85 per month for VM TV plus Sky Cinema and Sky/BT sport - Netflix account included.
    The other way to go for Sky is via Now TV. A monthly subscription like Netflix, except you have to do some work to avoid paying full price every month. Last time I looked, Movies plus sports was about £45 a month. If you cancel it mid month, they usually offer a special price if you sign up for 2/3/6 months etc.
    You could look at basic VM TV and Now, or get it all through VM. 
    VM may supply more boxes, but they are all wired for the input afaik. You could try using them with a TP link which shifts the broadband round the house using your electrical circuit. I use one for my broadband up to my home office. Works fine.
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