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I got with my ex 3 years ago. And till about 1 year into the relationship, more till I met him my life was the best it’s ever been. Happy. On top of my bills and had money to live a good life. I only took out credit cards because I was o Wessex with having a hood or perfect score but not having a credit card meant it negatively impacted my score. Why ? I don’t know because surely not having a credit card meant I wasn’t relying on credit. Then my ex bf became violent and abusive and controlling. He was making out I was the one doing all the bad to him and I didn’t know he was doing this till I seen messages on his phone. By then he had already created this big hole lie and he had created a distance between me and those around him. H what’s to as part of his plan. Because if he didn’t then I was able give ny Staley of what he was doing tk me. He stole my savings by making me pay for everything and said he would pay me back. He took £6k I had in a big money jar I had at home full of notes and loads of coins. And he run up my credit cards. He was trying to take everything away from me so I was reliant on him. And all the time he was still trying to get me to move in with him. I’m so glad I didn’t take that plunge. He became extremely violent and was beating me if I said I didn’t want to take part in sex with guys he wanted to invite round. Most of the time I felt I had to. Some times I feared if I didn’t then he wouid do it behind ny back. The result was always the same. Arguing and I wouid be attacked. I finally had him arrested last august when he attacked me for not taking part. Police came and arested him but they only charged him for what happened that day. I’ve tried to get them to look at all the other abuse he put me through. Taking ny savings and so on. During this. In October 2022 I applied to lloyds for another loan to try pay all the ones I had off so I had just one payment to make. I did not type or apply for any consolidation loan as I k ow that flags uo at in debt. I stayed clear of applying for anything like that. Then 1/2 hours later a woman called me and I was led to believe it was the woman from the bank. She had me on the phone talking about what it was I was looking for and so on. By this time she had me thinking she was my only hope. And had gone through my finances. This woman had uo my credit file and all my info which I now now was illegal. She had got me and my details in some illegal way. Because when she then made me feel an IVA was the only option for me. She glamourised it. Put ribbons and cherry’s on the top and made it look and sound that my life was fixed. Turns out she was lying.  Another man from anityer company who clearly said he was from a IVA company called me and I panicked and called this woman back. This woman was from a company called “financial support centre,  she then told me “how has he found you, he has found you illegally” now I know she found me the same way to mis sell me the IVA. By this time I was already on it. Before I realised this and before I joined the IVA. The woman told me that the man at the next stage, it’s his job to check if the IVA is what I want and know my other options. She told me “ trust ne this is your best option and did not discuss other options. She told me to get a pen and a piece of paper and she wanted me to write down the questions that I will be asked at the next stage. Along with the answers I must give to each question I’m asked. This was the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve done.  So then I passed that and was successful and joined the IVA in November last year. It was plain sailing till around jan / feb when my out goings went up by an extra £130 a mo th. My rent went up from £779 to £859 and around £50 or more for energy bills. I then called uo the company to tell them I am now finding it a bit more difficult paying out this new tra money and what options is there for me. They became aggressive. And actually put up my monthly payments to them. I said how can you put my payments up if my out goings have gone uo? Shouldn’t you at least be lowering my payments to you because that’s what the woman said who mis sold me the IVA. But I always still unaware inwas mis sold the IVA at this stage. The company was then dipping into my bank account and took another £44 on top of the £147 I had paid them that month. I had never missed a payment with them so no Idea why they took more. I called them up and no one could give me an answer why this extra money was being taken. Then I was told I was in arrears. I asked how I was in arrears if I had made all my payments to them on time. They just couldn’t give me a direct answer. So then I started looking back over everything and I spoke to a mate who asked me to talk through everything. So I told him a woman contacted me when I wasn’t reaching out for debt help. I wasn’t looking for it ow needing it. I just applied to my bank for another loan to pay all that I had off so I had just one payment and not many to make each month. I told him what she said and how she glamourised it. He asked if she told me of other options and I said no. I then told him that she helped me by telling me to write down the questions I was going to be asked and the answers I need to give. My friend hit the roof and said OMG she done what. He said she had mis sold you the IVA and has took advantage of your situation. She’s not told you of other options and she’s coached you illegally and has prevented the man at the next stage from doing his job and making sure I knew what I was letting myself in for by coaching me and not telling me of other options. This woman was so good she could sell a news paper to Stevie wonder for sure.  This woman has ruined my life and I have stopped payments while I’ve tried to have it investigated by them. The best I’ve had so far is that they are willing to pay me back all the money I’ve paid them so far as a good will gesture. I said WHATT. Then you will then release my creditors on to me. I have now been signed off work and it’s been 7 weeks I’ve been off and my doctor has signed me off with anxiety and depressive disorder and I am on antidepressants. I got to a stage where I wanted to end my life and even tried it. I had my ex and his abuse and all he done to me and then this mis sold IVA weighing down on me. I feel scared living in my house because my ex knows I live here and he used to stalk me and I can’t help but fear he may still be doing it even with a restraining other on him. But he has since hacked my Apple ID and turned uo at my house. My ex drives uo and down the road behind mine and has a smirk look on his face when I see him.  Because I don’t want to see him I’ve not left my home in 5 weeks. I have hit my lowest point ever. Therapy and other help I am offered is not doing anything because the council is failing me in helping me find somewhere else to live because I can’t begin to move on if I fear my ex is stalking me m. Just the thought of he couid be outside. Any slight noise I am scared it’s him and I have now 2 cameras in the back and 1 in the front. And all I have done for 5 weeks is lock myself in and watching these cameras. I am far from the man I once was. And the IVA company are threatening me to tell my creditors if I don’t stay on the IVA. I really need some help because I just can’t take the pressure any more 


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    Sorry for the bad spelling people. It’s took
    me 4 /5 hours to write this and I was trying to write this looking through the tears sobbing 
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    That`s a massive wall of text, if you can`t afford the IVA, then stop paying it and allow it to fail, that can take a good few months, after which you can revert to a debt management plan, I suggest you contact one of the debt charities for this.

    IVA company making threatening to tell your creditors what exactly ???

    Strange behaviour from an IP, best bet is to block all contact from them, and let the arrangement fail, that`s your way out of this.

    The ex, unfortunatly I can`t help with, but try not to get too paranoid about things, its seldom as bad as you imagine.
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    'I've been mis-sold an IVA'

    Most IVAs are mis-sold.

    Stop paying and it will eventually fail. Until it does, you are protected by the IVA

    After it fails you will find the creditors you thought you had, you no longer have, because the debts have been sold at a big discount to new companies.

    As these new companies emerge from the woodwork, you keep a record of who they are and then post a statement of affairs for us, probably in a new thread. https://www.lemonfool.co.uk/financecalculators/soa.php

    We will then help you to work out what the best strategy is for you.

    Note how I have put each sentence into a space of its own and spell-checked it.

    Makes it easier to read.
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