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I am considering buying one of these but would appreciate some advice/real life experience first please.

My particular situation is that we have a hedge that runs alongside a garden area which consists of decorative aggregate (not gravel, but stones about 20-25mm in size).
When I use the hedge cutter to trim the hedge a fair amount of the cuttings inevitably fall on to the decorative stones and are a real pain to try and collect by hand - hence the question regarding a blower/vac.

I suppose what I need to know is will the vac collect the hedge cuttings without sucking up all of the surrounding stones?, also if I use the blower will it shift the cuttings into a pile or will it just blow the aggregate into a neat but small mountain?



  • -taff
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    The stones should be heavy enough to stay put. What you could do is borrow one off someone if you know anyone with one and test it out. They aren't really strong with the sucking and blowing, just enough for grass and leaves which weigh a lot less.
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    Depends on the blower.
    Decent one which you really don't need will suck up the stones, cheapie will blow the leaves and some stones. I've had both.

    First I'd suggest putting an old sheet or cheap tarpaulin under the hedge and across the stones. Cut. It falls on it. Have a cheapie garden bag (£1-2,50) and lift the sheet to tip the cuttings into it.

    A blower needs practice to blow the mess where you want it and then tidy up. The above method works a treat. 

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    We used to put old duvet covers (from a charity shop) under our hedge before we cut it. Makes the whole lot easy to lift and shake into your waiting bag. 
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    I have a vac/blower which I try to use on gravel (probably 20-25mm) to suck up the bamboo leaves - it is ok but easily sucks up a stone or two and have to stop it quickly, even with the suction level turned down. Not ideal - wish I could find a better way!
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    I find mine unwieldy to use but I’m a weakling! Trying to get behind leaves if against a fence is difficult, and I have gravel and soil that does get sucked up if using it that way. Plus mine I find heavy to use. I’m going to try using the sheet method in future. But still need to find a way in autumn to clear leaves , I leave as much as I can on the beds as mulch down.
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