Storing power tools in the loft?



  • moneysaver1978
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    What about the cordless garden tools like lawn mowers and hedge trimmers? Cannot imagine storing them in the loft ;)
  • casper_gutman
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    TBH I'm not the best person to offer advice on storing tool batteries. The few that I own are always dead and useless. I prefer to buy corded tools, as they're always ready for use and only need plugging in instead of hours of charging!
  • ashe
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    Grenage said:
    I assume the suggestion of storing the batteries elsewhere was due to the high temperatures that a loft can reach in summer.
    Imagine they're probably ok with that as they'll get used in the sun all day on site 

    cold temps screw batteries. My hayter mower has a big 60v battery and it says to keep in the house over winter. I ignored it, didn't work this year 😂 played ignorant though and got it replaced under warranty. But now we keep our tools batteries in the cupboard over winter instead of the garage. 

    Imagine many get less use over winter as well.

    if using infrequently i'd maybe get corded ones as less to go wrong 
  • casper_gutman
    casper_gutman Forumite Posts: 580
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    ashe said:

    if using infrequently i'd maybe get corded ones as less to go wrong 
    That's my approach, TBH. I learned the hard way that I use tools too infrequently for battery tools to be useful. If you only use e.g. a drill every few months at most, then batteries are inevitably flat and the tools useless when unexpected jobs need doing. A cordless tool in contrast is ready to go as soon as it's been plugged in. 

    Given how expensive batteries are, my limited tool budget also buys better quality corded tools than it does cordless.
  • Gavin83
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    edited 29 June at 10:54AM
    It depends on the tool. Some tools very much suit being corded, for others it's a complete pain. There are also those in the middle where it's down to personal preference/frequency of use. Personally I couldn't imagine having a corded drill for day to day work. I do have a corded drill but it only comes out for the heavy jobs that the cordless can't cope with.

    Saying that I'm doing a full house renovation at the moment so the tools get used regularly. Maybe I'll change my mind once the works done.
  • Postik
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    I stored stuff up my loft for best part of 15 years and despite it being like an oven in the summer and a fridge in the winter, no harm ever came to anything.  I would not store batteries up there though due to the extreme temperatures.

    I now keep stuff stored in the garage, and unlike my old loft, it does get damp and condensation in there.  I had stuff in cardboard boxes and the boxes started going soft.  I've since transfered everything to plastic boxes with the clip on lids and put silica pouhces inside like people mentioned above.
  • paperclap
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    Thanks all!

    I’ve since put all my corded stuff up there. Drills too, but kept the batteries down here  :)
  • GDB2222
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    edited 3 July at 10:31AM
    Could you make a cupboard up there, with the insulation over the top, so the tools are kept at house temperature, rather than loft temperature?  That would help keep the humidity down.
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