Travel insurer who asks relevant questions?

I'm trying to get some sensibly priced travel insurance for a couple of weeks in Spain.
As I have arrhythmia, I looked for specialist medical travel insurance. I've now tried around 10 - all ask the same set of questions which seems to push the price up!
Some 8 years ago I had a stroke - the suspected cause was a hole in my heart which surgeons subsequently fixed. (Touch wood) I haven't had a stroke or TIA since & I'm not getting any treatment for it.
But every insurer I've tried uses the same software. When you declare your arrhythmia they goes on to ask "Have you had a stroke". But it does not qualify that by asking say "within the last 5 years".
So if I say "No" then I'm lying. If I say "Yes" then it places me in the same risk category as someone who had a stroke just a few months ago.
I even found on insurer who stated that their questionnaire only wanted information going back 5 years but still had that open question "Have you ever had a stroke" without time limit. 
Anyone out there come across an insurer who users their own software or any small specialist insurers?
Incidentally, in the past I've just forked out but as the years since my stoke are passing I'm not sure why I still have to pay extra.



  • sheramber
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    While it is a year longer since your stroke you are a year older.

    Medical treatment in Spain is expensive and travel insurance for Spain is generally more expensive than other European countries.

    Have you tried an insurance broker?

  • gcfalco
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    I finally went with Puffin who gave a reasonable price & had good Trust Pilot reviews even though I still had to go with a "yes" to the "ever had a stroke" question.
    I've not used a broker for very many years - for future knowledge (got a house & car!), what sort of fees do they charge?
  • Baled
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    I had a brain hemorrhage then a clotting stroke back in 2010 and always declare them along with some other medical stuff. I think the question asks how many have occurred in the last 6 months?

    What strikes me as odd is that the hole in the heart (mine was too small to bother fixing they said) has way more related questions than the stroke or brain hemorrhage!

    I use comparison sites so I just fill in one form and then see what results come back.

    I used a broker in April as I had ongoing investigations for bowel issues so my usual insurers wouldn't cover any medical conditions. The broker doesn't charge a fee for travel insurance if you ever do use them.
  • Archergirl
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    How about a packaged bank account one? We are with Nationwide, we pay £13 a month and have breakdown and phone cover as well, I pay £350 excess as we are over 70 and have health issues but it still better than shopping around each year. I think you could fine the insurance number and call them before opening an account.
  • NoodleDoodleMan
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    Nationwide give that 'phone number on their pamphlet in branch.
    Our Co-op Rewards packaged account is cheaper at £15 monthly - and goes to age 80. Nationwide is an extra £65 annually once you reach 70 years of age, before any health issues are considered.
    No excess - our health issues are not considered to require any additional payment.
  • TELLIT01
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    Brokers get commission from the insurance company, not from the customer.
  • Vall1992
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    A good travel insurer will ask appropriate questions. This is important to determine your needs and provide the most appropriate cover. A reliable insurer will usually ask about your destination, the length of your trip, medical problems and previous illnesses, the type of activities you plan to do, and other factors that may affect your trip. Such questions will help the insurer determine the appropriate rate and provide you with relevant coverage.
  • NoodleDoodleMan
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    Asking if somebody has had a stroke seems to be a perfectly reasonable question for an insurer to ask IMO.
    They are enquirying about a person's medical history, regardless of when it happened.
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