Help! What have we uncovered?

So when we met the previous owners of our house they said they're used to be two doors ways going out in to the kitchen boarded one up. So fast forward a couple of years and we've decided to let more light in to the now kitchen by opening up it back up only to find it wasn't just boarded but he'd boarded over something like this.
It used to be the outside wall before the crap extension was added but it's like a mixture of a frame at the bottom the some bricks then what appears to be concrete and some decorative bricks which are also in our garden and then some rubble down the side.
Is it a bigger job than just taking it all out?



  • JohnB47
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    I'm only a DIY'er but I'd say it's all down to whether there is adequate support above that void. If it was a doorway originally, then it's likely to have a support above. 

    Maybe it's just a case of a builder/owner making use of available materials to fill the space. Curious why they didn't just build it all in stud walling like the lower bit.

    Perhaps just a way to get rid of stuff rather than paying for disposal (or fly tipping!).
  • ThisIsWeird
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    That is truly bizarre.
    As John says, provided the original doorway lintels are still in place, the infill should be simply removable. But wow, just wow.
    The doorway does look to be the standard height - similar to its neighbour - and there would have been no rational reason to remove the lintels before filling the doorway like that, so chances are it's all structurally fine. But 'due diligence' would recommend you check above the doorway first - you'll have some making-good to do in any case, so a bit more plaster work to fill in a test hole won't matter!

  • twopenny
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    When was it sold previously, to the guy you bought from?
    Would it be recently enough (since 2000) for the original to show on Rightmove?

    Or, did the extension need planning permission? If so was it recently enough for the plans to appear online? Or obtain a copy.

    If it's the original back door it should be supported.

    Like the floor btw..That's lovely.

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  • FreeBear
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    stuart45 said: Shame to knock down a nice feature wall.
    Put some thick pieces of coloured glass in the holes - Would certainly look different.

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  • Simonon77
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    How weird it had two doors so close to each other into the same room ?  If you are planning on removing it to let in more light, then paint the walls in the main room a nice light colour. Dark grey maybe trendy but it isn't going to get much light into the kitchen
  • silvercar
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    Would that have originally been the outside wall of the house and those two doors going to different rooms eg one a coal store and one a pantry/cold store?
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  • Section62
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    stuart45 said:
    Shame to knock down a nice feature wall.
    Maybe Banksy will claim it as one of his?
  • plumb1_2
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    About 45 yrs  ago my late father bought a mould to make those type of blocks, I remember making them with him and building a garden wall.
  • twopenny
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    Vgood thought Silvercar. 
    Coal store door used to be outside for obvs reeasons but pantry or in my old houuse, toilet off the kitchen.
    Indoor facility downstairs very trendy in the 50s.

    The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know very well

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