Life expectancy for VW Golf - automatic, 2013 TSI

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I'm looking at how many miles I am expected to get out of my car, a VW Golf TSI 1.4 TSI ACT automatic.  It's a lovely car to drive and currently has no problems.  I have it serviced regularly, every six months (within 9,000 miles per service, no expense spared).  Big service due which will include cam belt, water pump, brakes and the works!

Car has covered 63,500 miles.  I plan to retire in 3 or 4 years time, after which I will drive up to 6,000 miles a year and want to keep the car as long as possible.

Has anyone an idea how many miles this engine could last for?


  • MX5huggy
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    I had an 2010Octavia with the 1.4tsi it didn’t have a cam belt but a chain which is not a service item. Sure you got a belt?  Had it from new for 12.5 years 130000 miles, no engine trouble slight rattle on start up after being stood for days due to dry chain. In the end it was just tired, electric window had failed air bag light was on but of corrosion on MOT etc. 
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    Rather like asking how long someone will live, it could last to 80,000 miles or 120,000
  • Scarum
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    Rather like asking how long someone will live, it could last to 80,000 miles or 120,000
    True, thank you for your informed reply.
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    Here's a thread from the Honest John forum, not sure it reaches a definitive conclusion though.
  • Tucosalamanca
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    I've owned a good handful of VW group cars. All seem to be capable of 200k without much issue.

    The last Golf I sold was 16yrs old and had 150,000m on the clock. The next owner put 25k on it the following year, as far as I know it's still on the road.

    I'm driving a 2008 transporter with 175,000m on the clock. No issues other than clutch and flywheel at 150,000m.

    My partner has a 2003 Audi with 140,000m on the clock. It's never broken down in 20yrs.
    It still drives great and other than some minor rust is in fantastic condition.

    If well serviced, I'd expect your car to run for at least another 10yrs.
    Look at all the old Golfs and Polos still driving around (and still selling for good money).
    No reason why yours should be any different?
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     Change oil more than recommended, and service. and it will last a long time. My VAG car was on 175k when I sold it 5 yrs ago. It’s still going today!
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    long ago and far away I bought a golf that was 3 years old and had about 130k miles on the clock.  it had been used for long distance blood deliveries by a government medical body like the NHS so had been well maintained. 

    my current VW up is approaching 10 years old with about 70k on it and seems to be ticking along just fine.  I suppose I should get it serviced some year soon..... 
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    Not VAG but I sold my Cavalier on 110,000. 

    The owner of the local garage I have been using for over 20 years has 150,000 on his Ford.

    I had a Renault for a while. Engine fell apart after 45k miles.
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    That is in the age range where some of the VAG TSI / TSFI petrol engines had issues which their cylinders which resulted in high oil consumption and £1k+ bills to rectify. Problem typically showed itself in the 100+ miles range (some earlier).

    You might just want to check with a VW forum if your engine is one of the ones affected. Doesn't happen to all by any means and more frequent oil changes can minimise the risk.

    Keep an eye on oil usage, if it starts to use oil between changes then get shot.
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    My VW Golf diesel is 22 years old and still going strong. Keep it maintained and it should keep going
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