Money Moral Dilemma: Should I claim on my friend's car insurance for the accident I was injured in?



  • If your friend has protected her No Claims Discount, the impact on her future premiums will be limited to insurer's assessment of the risk of her making another (or being responsible for) a further claim.
  • Ed264
    Ed264 Posts: 94
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    Is this real? It's difficult to shut a car door with a coat/person obstructing it, and the driver making off. How far did the car travel and what speed did it reach? If it was a reasonable speed (say 30mph) the injuries would have been far more severe. I worked in motor insurance underwriting and claims for many years. If a claim is submitted, extensive enquiries will be made. Trust me!
  • elsien
    elsien Posts: 32,254
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    If they are any sort of friend they will be telling you to claim.
    Bur worse than increase in ins, could be facing due car & attention for your accident.
    If the person asking the question was any sort of friend they wouldn’t be blaming the friend for an accident that appears to be more of their own making. 
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Dewpoint
    Dewpoint Posts: 144
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    No contest. Claim and slip your friend a backhander with some of the money to compensate for the short-term increased premiums.
  • Shpeil
    Shpeil Posts: 2
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    What loss have you suffered?  Were you working and missed work = lost wages?  Will you require additional care in future = increased care costs?  If neither, then the claim is for pain and suffering, and to be honest, it's as much your fault as it is your friends.  For that, I'd just suck it up and not pursue it further.  If you have lost financially, then maybe speak to your friend about claiming on their insurance and see how they respond.
  • If you were ambulanced in as an RTA then their insurance would already be paying for your treatment.  Also, the driver should technically declare the accident even if there is no claim as not doing so is not acting in utmost good faith when asked if they’ve been in any accidents in the last five years, even if it wasn’t claimed for. It’s a common question insurance providers ask. So their premium may end up being loaded anyway even if you don’t claim. 

    I’d claim because you may need it to compensate for loss of earnings, or extra support whilst you recuperate . 
  • PaulTee
    PaulTee Posts: 14
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    Is this real? If so the driver certainly does not want someone like you as a friend. YOU trap your coat so you are to blame and now you want to blame your friend for your inability to get out of a car safely. Perhaps the friend should have got out of the car and come round to the passenger side to make sure you do not do moronic things!
  • RickyAH
    RickyAH Posts: 3
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    A clown swapped lanes and drove into my car, damaged the wing and door, cost £2000 to repair through insurance. My premiums went up for 5 years and cost me more than £2000 extra over that time, even though I had full protected NCB. Claim or no claim, you still end up paying!
  • CapeTown
    CapeTown Posts: 96
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    How can you not realise that you are pulling someone along. Also my door open light would stay on if something was trapped. And you should always check your mirrors ... both left and right before you move off. Driver would appear to be at fault here. IMHO 
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