Smart meter problem

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Are you aware that smart meters can register electricity usage even though the electricity is switched off at the main fuse box?

I have been away from home for several weeks and ensured that I switched off the gas and electricity before I went. Because I am on the Octopus Go tariff I get a breakdown of the electricity that is being used on a 1/2-hourly basis. This breakdown shows a small amount of electricity being used every 1/2-hour and so I have received a bill for electricity used even though the mains were turned off

Octopus are saying that because it is less than a KwH per day there is nothing that they can do about it and that the meter is performing within acceptable tolerances.

Does this seem right to you?


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    For some context, exactly how much is this small amount? 

    Does the meter normally have a flashing light on it and does this turn solid on when you turn the power off?

    You say you’re on Octopus Go, do you have any charging equipment that may be connected up separately from the main house consumer unit?

    In any case, any meter could potentially have the same issue - there’s nothing you’ve mentioned that suggests this is a smart meter specific problem. The only difference is that with a smart meter you can actually see the usage, which would be difficult to monitor with a non-smart one and would likely go unnoticed.
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    even though the mains were turned off
    Where exactly were the mains turned off?
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    Are you aware that smart meters can register electricity usage even though the electricity is switched off at the main fuse box?
    There are multiple ways to turn off electricity.  For example, the consumer unit will have individual switches for circuits and often a main switch.      More modern installations will usually have an isolator switch.

    Someone posted the other day on a thread the electricity to power your smart meter is not metered but taken before the register counter.

    There is always a little leakage in the cabling and as it goes through units.  So, where did you turn it off and how small is small?

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