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Newish vacuum cleaner keeps losing suction/not working

I bought a Bedlray 400w one about 2 months ago, at first it worked great but as I only had a old vacuum for a while that didn't go deep it picked up a lot of dust and within a day looked dirty at the base and the hoses were full of fluff/dirt.

After a few weeks I decided to take the hoses off and pour hot soapy water down them until they looked clean and leave for a day or 2 until they were dry, I also for the bit in the middle where the cylinder connects which was also full of dry and hardened dirt wipe what I could with a old toothbrush then put a damp cloth down and use the base of a flat knife to push it through.

When reattached and left for 1-2 days the brushes turn normal, but dirt was getting stuck at the part where the base connects to a hose (theres 2 houses, one connects to base and then goes higher up and held in with a screw and another just a normal hose attachment)

It sounded like a blockage and when on dust came out of the bottom filter.

I left it 2 weeks and went back to my old one until the carpet was looking terrible I decided to use my new one and it suddenly worked each time I used it until one day I went over a tiny damp spot on floor (as in about a damp area about size of a 50p piece) and noticed right after its gone back to the same old behaviour, getting stuck in the base.

I noticed there was some dirt in the large hose so scraped it out gently and still same issue, then washed the hose and left it to dry overnight and tried again, still same issue.

I put my hand to the hose attachment and it has suction though its weaker than it should be and again sounds like theres a muffled sound as if theres a blockage somewhere.

Not sure what to do.


  • subjecttocontract
    subjecttocontract Forumite Posts: 1,241
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    Fit a new bag, clean all the filters, remove any dirt or dust, re assemble. If it don't work claim on the guarantee.
  • Nearlyold
    Nearlyold Forumite Posts: 2,151
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    edited 18 May at 4:36PM
    At a guess the ongoing issue(s) could be caused by water still being in the hoses/machine after you washed the hoses out even though you left them to dry particulaly if they're the corrugated type. Household dust and hairs/fibres will stick like the devil to any moisture anywhere in the hose/machine causing a build up which then hardens as it dries.
  • Murmansk
    Murmansk Forumite Posts: 779
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    The only bit you should be wetting is the filters and they should be TOTALLY DRY before going back in
  • macman
    macman Forumite Posts: 52,866
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    Clear any blocked hoses with another vacuum cleaner.  Not with hot water-it's not needed unless a hose is very old and has a bad odour.
    Unfortunately you have chosen a very basic budget machine which is not likely to last very long.
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  • dekaspace1
    dekaspace1 Forumite Posts: 361
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    Just tried it again today, still same issue.

    No idea what the issue is except wet somewhere inside.

    I wish I kept my Henry when I moved, I used the VAX at the time as it was far better for deep cleaning carpet and easier to move about, except the VAX broke about 2 weeks after I moved in.
  • macman
    macman Forumite Posts: 52,866
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    If it's still wet in the hose then of course it's going to block almost immediately. Or you will ingest water through the motor and blow it. No vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up liquids, unless it's a wet and dry model.
    Dry the hose properly, unblock it if necessary. Drop a coin through it to check it's clear.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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