Insurers that cover people with lymphoma


I am writing to obtain your help/advice/guidance on how to proceed with this unfortunate situation we are faced with.

My husband and I took out a decreasing life policy with Legal & General in 2006 to protect our mortgage. Unfortunately, when we moved to our current address, we extended the term of our mortgage in order to reduce the monthly repayments but didn't think to update our life policy. Now, here is where the unfortunate situation we are faced with started... 

We have 9 years left on our mortgage and owe approx £48,000 . Our life cover ends Nov 2024 and only has cover for £22,000.

In October 2022 I was diagnosed (out of the blue) with low grade non hodgkins lymphoma, although I am not showing any symptoms. This condition was picked up as an 'incidental finding' from an MRI scan I had for some lower back issues which turned out to be a slipped disc. I am not on medication and do not need any treatments, but put on 'watch & wait', where I have blood tests done every 4-5 months and a check up to see how my glands are doing. I've been told to live life as normal, which is what I am doing, and keep a look out for symptoms.

Last week we contacted Legal & General to extend our life policy for the duration of our mortgage and to increase the cover from ££22,000 to £48,000. After answering questions for a new quotation, I was told they will not cover me but happy to cover just my husband. They went on say I would have to be in remission for 2 years before they could consider cover. My question to them was "how can I be in remission if I am not having treatments", but they were adamant about their decision.

 I have since contacted several companies who have advertised themselves as providing cover for people in my situation without any success. I also contacted BIBA who said they MIGHT be able to arrange something through Royal London. They asked for a copy of the letter from my consultant to confirm diagnosis to be sent, so they can forward it to their underwriting team. I provided that and am now waiting for a response.


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    Unfortunately direct insurance can very much be a "computer says no" type situation, I have what is effectively a birth defect which causes low production of a few hormones. Most people who have this issue is due to having had a tumor on what for me is a missing gland. When I tried to get my Life and PHI insurance sorted I too was told I could only get insurance if I'd had the tumor removed... which is hard as I dont have a tumor, I dont even have the gland to try and grow a tumor on. The call centre agent didnt get my point.

    BIBA would only recommend that you contact one of their brokers, the broker will have knowledge of which insurer is more likely to consider your case and in most instances they can speak to the underwriters prior to submitting the application which is much better than having an application submitted and knocked back. 

    Personally, I'd advising find a good whole of market advisory protection broker and dont rack up more rejections in the meantime! I was lucky in that they placed mine with an insurer that had already declined an application via an IFA but in most cases once they've said no they wont look at it again.
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    Thank you so much for your advice. I'm currently waiting on a response from an insurer via BIBA. Hopefully it will be a positive outcome.
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    Hi: would you happen to know of any 'open market brokers' you could recommend? I had the much anticipated call from BIBA today only to disappoint yet again. Thanks
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