Hi, I have my dogs booked in for tomorrow for a dental.
They are both 12, I have just received a call from vet explaining in detail how much extra it will be if they need teeth extracted.

The cost is £210 each plus bloods £87.26 each then tooth extraction if needed is from £48.00 to £96.04 depending on what ones need to be removed.

Is this normal pricing for vets?  I have asked about payment scheme and waiting for callback.

Feel I have to have them done because their teeth aren’t good but feel I’m being robbed as well and nervous because I have no idea how many teeth many need to be removed.


  • Teddy28
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    We were in same position a year ago.  He had 19 teeth extracted and total bill was £627.00, which works out at £33 per tooth.  Individual prices quoted to you seem dearer than listed on our invoice but we did seem to have quite a few extra charges, but didn't really understand it too well!!  The vet phoned us to advise how many extractions required before proceeding so we were prepared.  

    Hope all goes well.
  • Liz65
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    Ok, thanks for replying to me.

    Maybe prices have increased due to current circumstances.

    Hopefully they may not have to have any out. Was told that they don’t like removing teeth unless necessary!  They have said I can pay half tomorrow and the rest in 3 monthly instalments.

  • elsien
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     When I took my mine in last year there were different charges for the blood tests depending on the level that you wanted. As my dog was older I went for the full screening which was a similar cost to use. 
    I was also told that the cost would depend on what they needed to do and how long it took so they couldn’t give me a definitive price beforehand although there was a rough guide.
    In the end they had to take out a canine which was a !!!!!! to remove, and the bill was over £500. 
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • My vets will give a rough guide for dentals but I always plan on the worse case bill-wise. My previous rescue dog had one when she was about 10 but they thankfully didn't have to remove any teeth in the end. It was about 5 years ago now, but came to around £350 without any extractions needed - so that was mainly the anaesthetic and bloods. I did have her on a couple of extras while she was under though - nail clip, ears cleaned, fluid IV while she was on the table etc. I'd budgeted for around £700 as I was expecting some extractions so for once it was a relief to get a bill from the vets :D 

    Great that your vet will do installments for some of the cost! 
  • Liz65
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    Hi thanks for replies.

    Dogs have had dental done now and it came to just under £600, that included bloods and no extractions! Very pleased with it.
  • kimwp
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    My cat recently had a dental, it was about £650, no extractions, but all the pre-ops checks. Quote went up to about £800 if simple extractions were required, but from previous experience "surgical" extractions would have cost even more. That reminds me, I need to book the other cat in 🤑
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