Beware when thinking youve sorned your vehicle using online DVLA form!

Misleading DVLA form told me I was successful sorning my vehicle and even gave me a reference code, but I still got a fine months later for not sorning my vehicle and I now wonder how many others are being sucked into this misleading form.
 I am now about to appeal for the second time as I feel that their form is definitely deceptive! 
In december 2022 I sorned my vehicle using the online form with the DVLA, I filled in all questions I could see on my screen and genuinely thought the form was complete as a box flashed up telling me Id successfully sorned and here was my reference number, I immediately clicked off thinking job done, I didnt write the reference number down  as I knew Id probably get an email, I now regret not doing so as months later I receive a fine for not sorning my vehicle. I thought this strange as I could still clearly remember doing so and even remembered receiving the reference number.
So this time I video me filling in the form again, again it tells me Im successful, that my vehicle is now sorned and here is my reference number, but this time not so much in a hurry I look very carefully around the screen and think to scroll down instead of closing the page and at the very bottom, it asks me if I want to do their stupid questionaire, I click no and THEN it tells me Im done! So basically I was never done before when I was told my vehicle was now sorned. 
I really feel this has been done purposesly to trick lots of poor unsuspecting souls into paying them more money!
I actually had something very similar when filling my tax returns years ago online, Id believed id completed them, but later got a fine, I straight away appealed by telephone, they could clearly see that I had gone online and on said date and did agree with what Id pointed out, something to do with me putting  a zero where something should have been left blank! They removed my fine.
So I appealed in writing to DVLA they agreed I had gone online in december and completed nearly all the form and then I must have lost signal as I signed off just before the end! Id already told them in the appeal letter Id signed off after being told that Id successfully sorned and given my reference number. How can they be allowed to tell you you've sorned your vehicle, give you a reference number when you are clearly according to them not sorned!!! Can anyone else see what Im seeing here??
Anyway this mess up cost me over £100.
I am going to appeal to them a second time and see if there is a different outcome, but Im even willing to take them to small claims if I can possibly do that as I firmly believe they mislead me and probably thousands of others, too, what do all of you think? I need plenty of people agreeing that Im in the right before I take this further!
Thanks Clare  in Fareham/Hants


  • oldernonethewiser
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    If this is a major issue and lots of people have been caught out by it I would have thought it might be all over social media. Maybe it is?

    If you get the chance to do their "stupid questionaire" again you could perhaps provide some feedback.

    Always make a note of reference numbers as they can come in very handy.
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  • Ayr_Rage
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    I've have never had a problem like yours having SORNed numerous vehicles over many years.

    I always enter my email and get confirmation that way along with taking a screenshot of the "success" page.

    If it was a common issue it would be all over this forum and the press in general, sounds very much like finger trouble on your part (dodgy zero) or an unstable internet connection.

  • Marvel1
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    edited 15 April 2023 at 8:05AM
    Have just taxed vehicle, i always put my email in so i can receive confirmation and proof, and everything else.

    Sure you can do the same with SORN, as i remember doing my Dad's about 2 years ago.
  • goater78
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    sounds like user error to be honest. 
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