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Local bank closing

After watching recent videos on a YouTube channel it was inevitable that my local bank branch is closing in July and although I don't go in there much is was just nice to have a branch around the corner from not just me but a lot of oap's used this as well, so now I/we have to go into the city centre to do any over the counter banking which is somewhat/very inconvenient. I do hope they are transferring the staff and no one has lost their jobs. Are we going to see a trend in this now were they close all high street/local banks?. 

PS I couldn't find a category suitable for this topic so.....


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    Such a shame @dazg78 We used to have a well used bank branch in the village, now there are just a few left in the town. 

    I have had to go to online banking because of the steep hill up to my bank. The staff were very kind and helpful. Last time I managed the walk up to the old Midland Bank, one of them helped me sort it all out, and settled me on a sofa with a cup of tea while I recovered for the walk back. 

    My Grandfather worked for the Midland Bank. He was in The Banker’s Battalion in WWI, he was in this 1916 newsreel, and the bank staff were on the pavements cheering them off to France. 
    These old Banks and the buildings are part of our history. 
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    dazg78 said:

    PS I couldn't find a category suitable for this topic so.....
    The most appropriate board would be the Banking one, where the topic has come up a number of times before.
    Budgeting & bank accounts — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    I think in their defence the banks would pick up on your statement that...... 
    dazg78 said:
     although I don't go in there much is was just nice to have a branch around the corner 
    The truth is that not many people have a need to actually go into a bank branch any more.
    Many now do online or phone banking, and the pandemic saw many people switching from using cash to card to pay for things, Even if you still use cash, ATMS are found by supermarkets etc.
    Bricks and mortar buildings on the high street are expensive to maintain, and banks would say that many are not used sufficiently to make it cost-effective to keep running them.
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