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Hotter shoes not goving refunds

Returned shoes received by Hotter on 23rd February enquired about refund told system down no idea when refunds will resume .nothing can be done 


  • ThumbRemote
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    How did you pay? it may be worth contacting your card issuer. 
  • KathyB94
    Hi I have just been chasing a refund from Hotter and have now been told that as the Company have been taken over by someone else, I will not be getting a refund, just "store credit" - is that legal ?
  • squinz
    squinz Posts: 63 Forumite
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    Hi, I'm in same position. £147 down. So angry. My returned items were received 4th July and I've just been told there will be no refund but my account is credited with the money. This is a lie because I don't have an account. I've opened a PayPal dispute so there may be some hope if you paid via that method.
  • molerat
    molerat Posts: 32,146 Forumite
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    edited 28 July 2023 at 3:45PM
    Hotter Shoes parent have collapsed into administration so likely the best you will get is a credit from the new owners, Woolovers.  You could chase the administrators and likely get pennies, the new owners owe you nothing.
  • sheramber
    sheramber Posts: 19,474 Forumite
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     Unbound, who owned Hotter,  have financial difficulties and sold Hotter to Woolovers.

  • Murphybear
    Murphybear Posts: 7,331 Forumite
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    I am a big fan of Hotter shoes as I have wide feet and most companies don’t make wide shoes.  I’ve bought 3 pairs in their sale this year and though their communication might be c*** their shoes aren’t.  I feel like my feet are encased in velvet and didn’t need breaking in.   :)  I’ve never needed to contact customer services so I’m happy.

    im also a fan of Woolover 
  • Lotttie
    I searched for this thread as I am now in the same position. I only bought my shoes, in good faith,  in July, I now realise after they had been refusing to give refunds to others. They knew they would not be giving refunds but didn’t say on the site. 

    I don’t want a credit note ( and I realise the new owners are not even obliged to do that), I want my money back. This may well be legal, I don’t doubt it, but it’s not right. 
  • shopper365
    I have the same problem. I returned over £200 worth of shoes because I found their sizing did not suit my feet. Hence the credit is pretty useless to me because I struggle to find any of their shoes to fit. I paid by debit card so I am assuming there is nothing I can do. Please can anyone comment as to whether Woolovers (who have taken over the Hotter brand and they are still trading as Hotter) are obliged to issue a refund?. 
  • molerat
    molerat Posts: 32,146 Forumite
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    edited 9 August 2023 at 5:17PM
    Please can anyone comment as to whether Woolovers (who have taken over the Hotter brand and they are still trading as Hotter) are obliged to issue a refund?.

    No they are not.  They have purchased the assets and the trading name from the administrators but are not responsible for any previous transactions.  You need to instigate a chargeback through your bank.

  • Tra_la
    I'm in the same boat. Was sold 2 pairs of shoes in-store (with some sales pressure) in the week before they went into administration. One pair was in stock and I took them away, one pair was ordered for home delivery. Returned the first pair after discovering the colour wasn't a good match and when the second pair were eventually dispatched (about 3 weeks later) they also had to be returned due to a sizing issue.
    Later I realised that I'd not been refunded for either pair and contacted Hotter. I was told I could not be given a refund, but money would be credited to my account. Odd thing is I don't have an account with Hotter! I bought the shoes at their store and, frankly, will never want to buy another pair of shoes from them. So I'm not sure how I can access this credit even if I wanted it.
    Am trying to instigate a chargeback through my bank but they weren't sure it would be successful as Hotter has offered me credit. 
    Anyone been successful with a chargeback for a similar situation?
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