TSB switching offer, ugh!

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Posted originally under Banking as didn't realise a Rant section existed.

My Tuppence re TSB

Switched to TSB 30 November last year for their then switching deal, think it £50, £50 in a year.

Saved the switching T&Cs to a PDF, it was something like, have two DDs, pay in £500 and make a debit card transaction before 10 January. Can't say for sure because I had to delete every reminder of TSB from disk for sanity.

Nothing in their emails/texts mentioned my account number or sort code and the debit card took 6 weeks, yes 6 weeks, to arrive. By which time the £500/1 x debit card transaction terms could not be met.

When I called and waited 25 mins for an answer and was, finally, put through to the right person, my suggestion that I should not suffer because they continued using the Post Office for card deliveries during their strikes fell flat and the intonation was that I was just "trying it on."  For £50 !!!

Needless to say, they'll be no future relationship with TSB.

As a contrast, opened an investment account with InvestEngine, clicked the wrong link to sign up and get a referral bonus. Within 24 hours, messaged them, supplied the intended lnik, had the bonus applied within minutes.

Way to go TSB, To your future be damned.

Rant over.

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