sofa conundrum

I need to buy two sofas.  I'm dabbling, have been for ages, between Ikea Landskrona and a Sofology Hetty.  Both are plain and minimalistic which is what I want. 
I'm a bit reluctant with the Landskrona as the back cushions are velcro attached, meaning it cannot be reversed to even out wear.  I've often bought before at Ikea without any problem, though looking through their current sofa offerings I'm wondering if the quality is a bit reduced?  Never bought at Sofology and have seen some horror stories online, as well as the 8+ weeks for delivery, advantage with the Hetty is all cushions can be flipped etc.
Anyone got either of these and can comment on quality durability?  And the Sofology experience?
I'd rather put buying off but can no longer as current sofas are shabby.
Thanks for any help.


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    Can't help with your dilemma, but I did spot a place that stocks sofology etc at reduced prices. Annalise reece interiors. Maybe worth a look, or seeing of there's similar in your area.

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    I’ve bought off sofology twice and I found them to be excellent. Not sure what problems people have had, but I’ve had great service and really nice sofas
  • SapindusSapindus Forumite
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    Why not go for Ikea sofas that have properly removable and washable covers like Kivik?  We've had an Ektorp sofa that came out of bargain corner 16 years ago and although it's getting a bit saggy now the covers look good as new... because they are!
  • t33t33 Forumite
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    Thanks for replies, re: sofology just the usual online feedback stuff, but as people generally mainly post when unhappy, have to take that with a pinch of salt.
    Sapindus, have had the Ektorp in the past and yes they are practical and sturdy, but found them a little too small proportioned for taller folk like me.  I'll recheck on the Kivik which I like the look of but think I discounted it as a bit too long for the space available in sitting room.
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    We have new Sofology sofa and chairs, so does a friend. Had to wait about 8 weeks for ours, our friend waited longer but hers were leather. Very happy with them, there is a lot of upselling in the shop for extras but you can take or leave them. We went for 4 years interest free credit and I've put the purchase price in a separate pot so I can see what interest we've earned as a saving.

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    Are you set on those two suppliers?  £600 for a sofa is cheap.  Have you looked at any other manufacturers/suppliers?
  • t33t33 Forumite
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    Are you set on those two suppliers?  £600 for a sofa is cheap.  Have you looked at any other manufacturers/suppliers?
    Have looked at JL (same quality and materials as cheaper options but at 3x price, and I've had JL sofas in the past, average is my opinion.  Used to be much better).  Also tried local independents, usually better made if much more expensive, but designs reminiscent of the local oldfolks home.  Sadly I'm resigned to sofas lasting maybe 5 years wherever you buy.   
  • MalMonroeMalMonroe Forumite
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    Hi, just popped up to say that when we moved into our flat we bought two sofas from M&S. One three seater and one two seater. They have always been used daily and we are still using them and they're still very comfortable, 17 years on. Over the years friends have also occasionally slept on the three seater one during short visits (we don't have a guest room, sadly) and all pronounced it 'really comfy'.  For whatever reason, M&S threw in a matching pouffe and that has proved invaluable, especially since I was diagnosed with cellulitis a few months ago. (Have to elevate my leg whenever sitting.) Our cat (sadly no longer with us) used to sleep on it too. 

    The whole package at that time came to £810 including delivery. Which felt like a lot, then but we haven't regretted it.

    Obviously, M&S furniture may not be made in the same way now or last as long - manufacturers obviously don't want that or they'd go out of business - but we have been thinking, instead of replacing them, of having them re-covered since we are a bit fed up of the same colour. But that's the only reason. They are very well made and very good quality. No way are they shabby.

    So, that is just my own experience and my own opinion, obviously. But you could do worse than to just have a quick look at their website. 

    I hope you find exactly what you are looking for, I know it's a minefield out there.  :)
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    For budget stuff, I really like and bought quite a lot from them. For top end, Michael Tyler. Two sofas from him in 30 years and only got rid of the first one as the cover I chose went out of fashion and recovering was more than half the price of a new one.
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    Sofology is a brand of DFS. Some sofas will be ok but I would suggest joining the fb group "angry Sofology customers" and see the state of some of their deliveries, how the firm handles it etc, quite insightful. 

     Sure some will say theirs was fine but I won't be going near them with a barge pole 
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