Direct debits in TSB app

Can any TSB customer who uses the app tell me if you can view the details of any of your DDs?

I've switched an account over for the incentive, with two DDs included in that switch. I can see them both (and had a letter detailing which were included), and one has paid out. However, if I click on either in the app it just displays a message "We weren't able to do that. Sorry it looks like there was an unexpected error. You should check if your request has gone through before you try again" (do TSB have any expected errors?).

I'm not expecting issues with them paying what they're supposed to, as I say one paid and that was about 4 days after the switch. Just curious if it's just me.


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    Two DDs swapped to TSB here, both paid out on doner, one has paid out at TSB, full details available, the other has not yet paid out at TSB, message as per your post.
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    OK thanks FL, I'll just keep an eye on them. I haven't logged in to see if I can view the details in online banking yet, I may try that later.
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    I think the DD section in the app is just a bit buggy. I don't get your message at all but one of my DDs that has paid out of the account has no information on eg. amount and last paid date populated - just all blank.

    One DD has transferred across with the name "Direct Debit Rej" which is not reassuring - it's due to pay on Monday so we will see if it actually works... 
  • northwalesdnorthwalesd Forumite
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    Hi @alibean I wouldn't worry about the one that's named Direct Debit Rej, one of mine is the same (it's actually for Barclaycard) and that's the one that has already paid out on my account. The other of mine seems to be named correctly, in that it actually contains the name of the recipient organisation, but doesn't pay out until end of month.
  • hochoc Forumite
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    It shows that error initially for a new DD. It will eventually correct itself.
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