Do I have to pay for unknown gas use?

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Almost 4 months after raising it with them, and 6 months after it stopped working, British Gas have *finally* made an appointment to have my gas smart meter replaced as it stopped working back in mid-October. So, during that time, they have not been receiving any readings and therefore have no idea how much gas I've been using. Apparently, I will get a call a few weeks after they have replaced my meter to inform me how they will 'work out' how much gas usage they're going to charge me for from this winter. My question is, can they actually charge me for something they cannot prove I have used? If, for example, they used my usage from last winter as a benchmark, that's unfair as most people have likely reduced their usage this year because of fuel prices.


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    You can't say most people have likely reduced their usage. What did you actually do this winter to save energy in specific terms.

    Did you reduce the thermostat temps
    Reduce the time you were hearing your home
    Reduce the flow temp?
    Stop heating unused rooms

    All things you should know for when you discuss the estimate usage bill with your supplier.
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    Short answer yes. You’re not going to get months worth of gas free.
    Long answer as above - check what usage they come up with them have the debate if you need to. 
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    I'm using 20% less gas than last year, so I'd say thats a good figure to aim for.
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