Confused about how EBSS appears on my bill

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    I have received a quarterly statement from my supplier, I am a homeowner paying by direct debit.  
    My opening balance was zero as I have just moved into the property, my usage for the quarter November to February was £750, I pay £208 per month so £624 paid leaving a debt of £126 - seems pretty straightforward, but....
    My provider states payment made are £423 a so I have a debt of £327.
    I have paid £208 per month and been refunded £67, and my debit balance has increased !!!
    How is this support !!!  THIS SUPPORT PAYMENT HAS ADDED TO MY DEBT
    If the Government are paying this money to my energy supplier, they are giving it to me then increasing what I owe them and taking it back again !!!
    If this £67 was paid as a credit to my energy account I would be in credit which would make more sense.
    Having discussed this with others, if you have a prepayment meter you receive a voucher which you exchange for credit to your energy meter thus giving you £67 work of gas/electricity without spending a penny.
    I hope someone can tell me that I have this all wrong and advise how I challenge my supplier to have this credit added to my debit balance 
    Thanks for reading, if you managed to get to the bottom 👍👍👍
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    I've requested this to be split to a new post.

    You need to look at your usage/charges paid - this will most likely show that the £66/67 monthly payment has reduced your usage figure.
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