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Can someone please clarify something for me? I took a former employer to court over unpaid wages (I am a self employed electrician) and unfortunately lost because I basically couldn't prove the work had taken place. Anyway, I now have a CCJ on my credit file. Is this correct? I didn't realise I would have one if I was the one making the claim. Is this something I can dispute? 

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    Find out what the CCJ is for.

    Someone made and won a claim against you.
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    Did they counter claim?
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    It doesn't say on my credit report what it is for but it is the same time as this claim.

    They didn't counter claim no. I just paid the court fees.
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    Check with the court, looks as though an error has occurred, a judgement should only appear on your file if someone takes action against you, and you lose.
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    Could A Debt Relief Order help you ?
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    What's the value of the CCJ in comparison to what you were claiming? Are the figures the same?

    As above - you need to contact the court to find out who the claimant was, to see if it's related to your action, and is an error that needs correcting, or whether someone unrelated took out a CCJ against you at a similar time that's been awarded in your absence without the relevant paperwork being completed by you. 
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