Problem with ISA transfer

I have been trying unsuccessfully for two months to transfer a straightforward cash ISA from Halifax to HSBC. I completed the online form and submitted and made a note of when the 15 working days would be up to check it. After 20 working days I contacted HSBC via live chat enquiring what was happening with the transfer. First of all they said they couldn't find any record of it, then later said I needed to phone them. Which I did. The person on the other end of the phone told me that HSBC couldn't transfer my ISA across and that I would have to contact the Halifax.  I knew this was incorrect, but contacted the Halifax anyway, who confirmed that it was indeed down to HSBC to arrange the transfer.

I tried a second time via the online form, and this time managed to save a print out of the completed form to prove I had done it.  Another 3 weeks passed and this week I received a letter in the post sayingt they had been unable to complete the ISA transfer because they could not establish what the account number was... information I have already given them!  They enclosed a paper form and now want me to go through the process a 3rd time and post it back to them.

Surely it shouldn't be this hard?!!


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