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Hi all, 
Long time lurker, first time poster, so apologies if this is the wrong place. 
I've been recieving communications from BW Legal regarding an outstanding debt to British Gas from about 2019 at my old address. I have disputed the amount more than once, but also because I wasn't ever with British Gas, I queried where it has come from. Turns out it was when the company i was with, went bust. I remember that situation, and I remember telling British gas to do one (hate the way they treat their staff, but that's for another thread).
Anyway, I contacted BW Legal again yesterday because they have threatened me with a CCJ on £117 debt!
I was polite to the guy I was speaking to - not his fault at the end of the day, so I don't need to be rude - however it quickly descending into an argument because he was incredibly condescending and rude. I offered an amount to pay each month, which he immediately refused (it was 50p a month because I was being childish and petty after has attitude. Not the best policy, but that's me).
There was no "I'm sorry that's not enough, our minimum is X amount", it was just no. I asked for the rejection in writing (which I'm yet to receive) because I want to cover myself, but when he was reading his script, it says something on the lines of "minimum amount is £1". I pointed this out to him and said he hadn't even given me an option or negotiation for a different amount and he accused me of interrupting him and spoke to me like I was a child. 
At this point I hung up because I was getting to wound up and didn't want to dig a hole for myself. 

In reality, what are the chances they'll take me to court for £117? And, now they refused my offer without any negotiations, where do I stand? 



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    Probably in the Dock. 

    Why cause all this stress for yourself, 

    Personally, I would just pay it and move on with my life. 
    Stress free, but I'M 73, stress makes you ill. 
    I have learned that much.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    Have you established that you do actually owe what they are asking for? That is the first step. Put things in writing though - never discuss anything relating to debts whether owed or disputed over the phone if you can avoid it - always make sure there is a paper trail! If you've not yet got a clear picture of whether the debt is owed, then the "prove it" letter from Debt Free Wannabe might be a good first step. 
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    I agree, never talk to them over the phone.
    If you request (tell them) that all communication must be in writing or by email then the debt collection guidance says they should comply with that.
    They prefer to work over the phone because there is then no record of what was agreed.
    I have in the past had what was agreed over the phone totaly twisted to suit the company and not what was agreed on the phone at all.
    I now always insist that anything concerning money is in writing and tell them that phone contacts will be ignored or politely terminated if I do answer by mistake. (When they use a different number to try and fool you into answering).
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