Student Finance Wales - Applying to use Current Year Income

Daughter is at University receiving an appropriate grant/Loan based on the Household Income we submitted.

Wife is planning to retire in next year or two, and having unexpectedly realised some funds, has decided to put these funds into her personal pension this year and next year.
We were reminded by friends that this effectively reduces our household income (as pension contributions are an allowable deduction) and that we should apply to Student Finance Wales for a re-assessment based on 'current year' income.

The revised household income would be reduced by over 15% (a requirement for a re-assessment) and would drop us by one category, meaning daughter would get a little more of her funds assigned as a grant, rather than a loan.

This is all theory of course. 
Has anyone else requested a similar re-assessment based on 'current year's income' for a similar reason?

Also......when submitting figures for 'pension contributions' do we state the amount she will physically pay in to her Personal Pension (which of course is a net figure), or the gross amount (adding the 25% tax rebate that would also get paid into the pension?)

In comparison, when I submit MY income, it already has a small pension contribution deducted at source into my company DC pension - this being a gross pension contribution.
So am confused as to whether SHE should quote the net pension she pays, or the grossed up pension that actually goes into the Personal Pension?

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