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Hello everyone. I look for some advice if anyone has had this issue with admiral before. It’s quite a long story I’ll try explain the best I can. 

So.. my renew with admiral was due on the 6th of February 2023. I had taken out a new policy with Esure as they were cheaper. I totally forgot to call admiral to tell them not to auto renew my policy. Spi called them on the 10th of February to cancel the policy which was no problem at all. I then cancelled the direct debit from my end which was set up for my old policy as admiral tried to take a payment out of £83.98 for the new policy which I had cancelled. I then received an email from admiral on the same day 10th of February just confirming that my policy was cancelled and was it ignore any further emails ect regarding this policy/renewal. I then get another email from admiral on the 14th of February stating that I owe them £83.98 for the month of February for the new policy which I hadn’t taken out and was cancelled. So I ignored this email as I thought this was just an automated email they had sent me out there’s no way I could owe them money when I don’t even have a policy in place. Then on the 17th of density Admiral refunded me £83.98. I thought at the time this was money bouncing back from the direct debit they have tried to take for the new policy so never took any notice of it. I then got an email for ardent credit solutions this morning stating I owed the £83.98 which was policy arrears on the new policy, when Infact it’s just a refund they have issued me by mistake. I told them I had no issues paying this back but I don’t want it been marked as a default on my credit file. So because they have refunded me £83.98 by mistake they have said my account is in arrears and passed it to debt collection agencies. 

Does anyone know what I can do so this stupid default/refund won’t appear on my credit file? 

Sorry for the long post and any help is appreciated 😃


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