Which broadband to go to...?

I need advice for moving broadband.

Currently paying £20 a month - on 200MB download.
Virgin are increasing their price on 11th of next month - going to increase to £27 (lasting until August).
They sent an email saying I can leave.

I called today and they gave an amazing new offer of £35, then they offered £28. This was the 'final' offer.
They told me that I needed to give 30 days notice as per the agreement in the contract.
I told them that they were breaking their own contract by price increasing and why should I abide by their contract?
They replied saying I needed to return equipment and give 30 days notice. (After repeating a few times and getting the same replies, I gave up.)

I checked and BT's best download is 70MB (download approximated to be 50MB).
I've looked around and Now Broadband looks good. After cashback, i works out at around £15 per month.
(Others have a similar price, but have an 18 o 24 month contract.)

If I could get a guaranteed 50MB download around the house, I would be perfectly happy.
(I bought a Wifi Mesh system that I haven't installed yet.)

Virgin are offering new customers £20.95 for 150MB. I'm not bothered about landline.

What should I do? Should I give notice and wait for new deals to appear?
How long does one normally have to wait to get broadband installed?



  • Ayr_Rage
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    Are the deals you are looking at REAL FULL FIBRE ?

    The speeds you quote suggest FTTC with the last part of the connection over the copper phone line and if you still have a phone line installation may not even need an engineer at your home, just work at the fibre and phone cabinets.

    Estimated speeds are calculated on the length of the line to the cabinet and are not the same as guaranteed full fibre/Virgin speeds, with those you are pretty much certain to get the quoted speed.

    Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are buying !

    As for installation/connection times they will vary according to how busy the contractors are in your area.
  • enginestar
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    Yes fibre
    But for BT, through copper
    Can't get any options that give anything close to Virgin speeds
  • daveyjp
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    Unless you have an FTTP service provider (Openreach, or another fibre provider) your choices may be limited.

    If I was offered Virgin 200 Mb for £28 I'd grab it, but I know 50 meg is too limited a service for my use.
  • mjm3346
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    What should I do? Should I give notice and wait for new deals to appear?
    How long does one normally have to wait to get broadband installed?

    If you are leaving because of the price increase check that the time to do so is not limited before possibly reverting to the original contract length 
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