MSE News: 'Lifelong loans' to launch in 2025 for those in England wanting to study later in life

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People in England aged up to 60 who want to study, train or retrain will be able to access flexible student finance to help them do so from 2025, the Government has confirmed today. The new higher education loan scheme, dubbed the 'lifelong loan entitlement', will be worth the equivalent of four years of post-18 education.

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''Lifelong loans' to launch in 2025 to help those in England wanting to study, train or retrain later in life'

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    Will miss it by a year! :(
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    I just think this is a total rip off. You are effectively given 40k for 4 years study and asked to pay a higher tax for life at a rate that is ridiculous. 

    I would contemplate doing this at 55 and retiring early and becoming a student, knowing full well I won't pay any back!

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