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I have taken my Volvo to the garage for it's first MOT only to be told that it failed due to excess emissions. It has taken nearly four weeks for them to discover metal shavings in the engine. The car is just out of warranty and they VOLVO have offered to pay 95% of the cost of a replacement engine. I feel they should pay the full cost as I have had the vehicle maintained by then as per the schedule. Also this must have been a fault at the point of manufacture. The vehicle has onle done 18600 miles. Volvo also promise to keep you on the road and as yet I have had no offer of a courtesy car. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks


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    Did you buy it brand new?
    What exact model and is it diesel?
    Are you the only driver and only person to refule the car?

    95% is odd number, not sure why they have done that

    Does it have full volvo service history as per requirments

    Have you looked up the net for problems like this?



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    It is a Volvo XC40 petrol fully compliant with Volvo servicing and only fuelled by myself. I am first owner as it was a Volvo managers car for 9 months.
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    How much does 5% equate to for you to pay?
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    Also you mention a lack of courtesy car but have you requested one?
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    How did you pay for the car?
    Did you buy from new?
    Have you had an independent report done to prove it was faulty from new?
    Have you researched to see if other owners have had this issue?
    If you pay part of the cost, you get a warranty with it, if they do it FOC, then you don't get anything.
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    If the first MOT is due within 3 years and the car comes with a 3 year warranty then logic says the issue was apparent before the warranty expired?  Maybe worth checking when the warranty ran until and when the MOT fail happened......
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    As I understand it, by you paying 5% you get a full warranty, if Volvo carry the entire bill then your warranty rights are greatly reduced.

    I am currently in talks with Ford for similar issues.

    Personally, I would be very pleased to get your outcome.
    Google is your friend, engine failures are surprisingly common and there's a lot of people with stories to tell...
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    As it is out of warranty, Volvo do not have to provide a car.

    In fact you will find many manufacture have this covered in their warranties that they will not provide a car. That is up to the dealer to do.

    This from Kia

    Limited liability

    Under this warranty, Kia are only liable for the repair or replacement of original parts by an authorised Kia dealer that are defective in material or workmanship. Kia are not liable for any costs that may incur getting to a dealer, supplying a replacement car or as a result of being without the car during warranty repairs.

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    What date was the MOT and what date did the warranty expire ?
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    I'd be quite happy to have a 3 yr old engine replaced with a new one for 5% of the cost (provided that was 5% of cost and installation)
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