Carphone Warehouse hard search and finding out my details are being used in fraud...

I received an email from Clearscore saying my credit score was changing,when I looked Carphone Warehouse had put a hard search on my score because I hadn't paid a bill from January £66 and it went too £88 February and still unpaid.I don't have a account or mobile contract with Carphone Warehouse and haven't since 2002,after phoning Carphone Warehouse and action fraud ( for my crime number ) I've opened a application for fraud because Carphone Warehouse has said that someone has taken out a contract against my name & address in 2014 but it was only the hard search on the 21st February that I've actually found out.Now Carphone Warehouse have been a disgrace and I've actually had too phone on a number of occasions due too staff just putting the phone down on me,can I take Carphone Warehouse to the small claims court due too these issues...Please help I've never had a missed payment on my credit score ever...
     Thanx Dean Jones


  • Are Carphone Warehouse saying that an account has been active for the past 9 years associated with your name and address and that payments from this year are the first to be missed?

    What would you be hoping to claim from CPW via the court?

    Things that are differerent: draw & drawer, brought & bought, loose & lose, dose & does, payed & paid

  • Carphone warehouse said it's been active since 2014 and the mobile number doesn't match my own,money have never come out of my account.i think it's because the individual hasn't paid this January or February that it came too light and a hard search was added too my credit report,I just want my credit report sorting out but also compensation for the time I've had to try sort it out...Also the email address is different than my own,thanx for the reply and help...Thank you so much Dean Jones
  • I'm worried if they could actually get something big on my name & address...
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    Just raise a formal complaint and follow the process through.

    Forget about court and assuming you're using your real details on forums, stop that too, or you'll probably end up with more accounts on your files that aren't yours.
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    Are you saying that someone has fraudulently taken out a mobile phone contract using your name and address?  If so, you need to speak to CPW and get them to correct the information on your credit file.  It's unusual for a hard search to be performed due to a missed payment - it would be more usual for a missed payment marker to be placed on your file.
    If you've already opened a fraud case with them, then it sounds like you've done the right thing - you just need to wait for the outcome of their investigation.
    I just want my credit report sorting out but also compensation for the time I've had to try sort it out
    In order to claim compensation, you'll need to be able to evidence your losses.  It's probably more likely that you may be offered a goodwill gesture rather than actual compensation.  But in terms of getting your credit file corrected, this will happen when they've concluded their investigations.

  • Appreciate the help everyone 👍
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