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Formulas or macros for Octopus Smart Meter download

Qyburn Posts: 2,360 Forumite
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I was wondering if anyone has already made a tool for crunching the smart meter data that can be downloaded from Octopus. I made a start in Excel with a formula to convert the text into date form. But before I spent any more time I thought I'd check to see if it's already been done. Ideally it would just process the CSV file, rather than need formulas pasted in manually.
Or any other way of downloading and reporting on SM data


  • [Deleted User]
    Buy a Hildebrand IHD/CAD and you access your data via MQTT, or try N3rgy.com.
  • FreeBear
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    edited 4 March 2023 at 2:50PM
    sed with and a regex or two would be my tools of choice. But if you are wanting t use Excel, I'm guessing the Gnu toolkit isn't going to work too well.
    Getting data from a Hildebrand IHD/CAD via MQTT is still going to need processing so that it can be read in to a spreadsheet. So I don't think that would be an answer for you. If you just want to generate graphs, pushing the data in to a database (InfluxDB ?) and using Grafana might work - A steep learning curve though..

    edit - Looks like Excel has a live data import, so with the use of a macro or two, it might be possible to grab MQTT messages as they are published. Would I want to do it... Probably not. Pretty sure you could use a regex or two within excel if you know which cells are going to be populated with the data from a CSV file.
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  • Qyburn
    Qyburn Posts: 2,360 Forumite
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    Thanks. To explain a bit I don't need live data, I just want to be able to view historical data other than as a flat list of 13 months of 1/2 hourly readings. Something like a Pivot Table to summarise by month, then drill down by day etc.

    I'll press on a little more when I get round to it, but I'll also look at N3rgy.com as I assume that will be supplier independent in case I leave Octopus.
  • DingerUK
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    Make a copy of the Google sheets doc and configure based on your api key
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