Switching to a Broadband only contract

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The best value Broadband contract I can find is broadband only, as far as I can tell. It’s with Vodafone Essentials for which I qualify. But it seems this doesn’t allow me to migrate my existing landline with my landline number. There’s hardly anyone I call who uses the landline but I still feel uneasy about loosing it. Is there any way around this?


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    I have just switched from BT to a full fibre company and lost my landline and phone, its great as i don't get junk phone calls anymore. Landlines are dead technology, move on and don't look back.
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    I've not used my landline for 20 years!

    Embrace the change, it is going for good soon anyway. 

    I've not had any moment during the last 20 years where I thought "wish I had a landline".
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    I have a free virtual landline included with my FTTP.

    I've mislaid my mobile a few times (I'm getting on a bit) and it was handy to be able to call it from the landline. Even that is obsolete now though, since I now just shout 'Alexa, where's my phone?'

    Embrace the change!
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    Krakkkers, I’ve been assured by Plusnet that I won’t lose my landline number if I switch to them from BT. Even though Plusnet is a (full fibre) broadband only package. Currently have dozens of people in my contacts who use my landline number.🤷🏻
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