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Hi there.

Just before lockdown, my wife's company were good enough to lend her a laptop for general use (i.e. for my children to borrow for home schooling) and it was so good that I ended up borrowing it and got rid of my old desktop PC - we never did have the room for it to begin with and the energy savings seem to be significant.

The issue, now, is the laptop may have to be returned within the next couple of months and so I need to think about buying one.

I am looking for something used and have a few initial questions:

1. Is it worth risking somewhere like Ebay or should I stick with refurbished laptop sellers only?

2. Which CPU route should I go down?  From what I have read, Intel upped their game on mobile from Gen 8, so I should try and get at least this if I go that route.

3. Any particular models or makes to consider?  Seems that Lenovo Thinkpads seem to get consistently good results as used devices.


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