Debit card refund when card expired

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My partner bought tickets to see Celine Dion quite a few years ago.
Covid hit and the concert was cancelled. Now CD is sick and again cancelled so a refund was requested.
My partner pointed out that the debit card had expired but the ticket merchant said it was ok as the refund would still find its way back.
No refund.
The card is a VISA debit card and not only was it expired, the replacement had a different 16 digit number but the bank account is still the same.
She contacted the ticket place to be told the refund was accepted, they don't have the money. She contacted the bank who said no money was refunded, the ticket place offered accounts info to show it was not with them. The bank then said it was visa holding it, they requested its release and supposedly it was approved.
My partner now has an email saying the money refund is not approved as it has been returned back to the ticket place even when they know about the ongoing dispute.
We are going round in circles and £190 is nowhere to be seen.
What can we do?


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    Refunds do not require authorisation.
    The refund will have gone to a banks internal account on a stopped/expired card. 
    Given change of number, have bank switched to Mastercard? 

    You need to ask retailer for the ARN - acquirer reference number. Which is a unique number for the transaction. Get time & date & exact amount. Then give that to you bank to find.
    You need to get passed front line call center staff (many won't have  a clue what you are talking about & no access to systems) & to internal team who have the required access. Could be fraud or disputes teams.
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    Hi, as far as I'm aware the card is still VISA, not sure why the long number changed on replacement. The account hasn't changed.
    She has been talking to dispute team who did finally find the money held and assured us it had been released and would be in my partners account. Only an hour later she got an email saying the money was being returned to the retailer.
    We've raised a further dispute with both the retailer and the bank but seemingly being ignored by the retailer.
    I'll pass on the ARN info to my partner for her to obtain better info to pass on.
    Would I be correct in saying we should only need to liase with the retailer as they are with who the contract lies?
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