Carers allowance and receiving a work bonus

Hello. I claim carers allowance and I'm earning £520 a month which is about the maximum I can earn to be allowed to claim. I work for a family member and she has said she would like to give me a pay rise.
I've explained this won't be beneficial for me as I'll end up losing my carers allowance. If she was to pay me a one off bonus that is not regular payment will this effect it?


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    Yes, if it takes you over the CA earnings limit of £132 (net after expenses) pw then you will not receive CA for that period.

    You may want to look at making pension contributions (as 50% of pension contributions are counted as an expense), this may enable you to accept a pay rise without exceeding the monthly earnings limit (which currently is £572  i.e £132*52/12).
    Does you employer offer an auto enrolment scheme? 
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    The maximum you can earn is £132 per week, which is the equivalent of £573, which gives you some leeway to be given a payrise.
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    Note too that the earnings limit rises in mid April to £139/week (£602/month)
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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