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Moved into new (and tiny) 2-bed flat. After 49 days, been charged a whopping £750 for electricity!

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    At the moment we are all protected by the government's EPG, although I think it doesn't apply to E7, keep our fingers crossed!
    E7 is covered by the cap, difference with E7 is its up to suppliers to do the split between day/night rates. 
    Some suppliers have higher day & much lower night, whilst others are few pence above cap for day rate  and night rate is a lot higher.

    For anyone on E7, they can move suppliers.

    But if no timed night circuit for storage heating/immersion, then as others have said its worth checking split between day/night usage. I think needs to be over 50% to be worthwhile, others may know what the exact percentage night use works out as being worth using E7

    Not to confuse the OP more - but E7 is covered by a cap - but it's a different cap to the headlines (always the duel fuel / SR electric price quoted).

    The discount is common - based on I believe only the average regional single rate.

    So E7 is covered by a seperate regional multirate Ofgem cap table that never makes many news stories - and a common EPG discount.

    Then the suppliers take those figures - and chooses own day / night splits.
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